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Since May 2012, I have lost a little over 50 pounds. It's been a journey! I have struggled with my eating habits, working out and finding my happy weight. In the end, it's worth it and I love being a healthier version of myself! Here are some posts of my journey ....

A Weighty Issue
October and a Lifestyle Change
Power of the Scale
Running to a Better Mood and Too Restrictive of a Diet?
Striving for Perfection
Running, Going Grain Free and MyFitnessPal
A Bragging Post and Being Perfectly Beautiful
Comparisons and Cravings
Food Noise
Embracing a Healthy Body Image
Surviving the Food Holidays
Weight Loss Update
Why the Weight Loss Obsession?
Somedays I Hate Shopping
Isagenix Update
A Healthier Me
The Power of Isagenix
My Isagenix Story
October Weight Loss Update

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