Thursday, February 27, 2014

Embracing the Treadmill

This winter has been brutal, hasn't it? I believe here in Minnesota, they're saying this is the hardest winter we've had in 33 years. Which would be the hardest winter since I've been alive. This morning it was 35 below zero with the windchill. Our average temperature is supposed to be 26 right now. Brrr is an understatement.

I have often thought many times through this winter, who signs up for an early March half marathon and a full marathon in June with such a tough winter? Oh yeah, this girl did. So what does that mean? It means LOTS of treadmill time! 

I have ran outside as much as possible, and I've enjoyed those runs so much!! Sadly, we've had like five days with warm temps (and not snowing), but I've taken advantage of them.

The rest of the time I've been stuck at the gym on the treadmill. I even did my longest run of 14 miles on the treadmill and with a forecasted high of 1 above on Saturday, my planned 16 miles will be on the treadmill as well. Sucky. But, I'm learning to embrace and get the most of those treadmill runs. Because what other option do I really have??

I'm not one to watch TV when I run on the treadmill. Partly because where the TVs are located, I have to crane my neck to watch and my posture gets screwed up. Secondly, I don't watch them because the TVs are usually on SportsCenter, Golf Network or the news. That gets old! So what do I do???

Honestly, I do whatever I can to zone out. I have a running playlist on Spotify that I listen to with songs to keep me going and I do a LOT of thinking! I people watch in the mirror sometimes, but mostly just zone out. My thoughts can get pretty random, but these are some of my most thought thoughts ....

I think about how I wish I were running outside. I think about how much I miss my family. I think about this blog and write snippets of posts that I forget as soon as I get home. I think about how tan most of the girls are compared to my super pale skin.  Seriously. Why are so many of the girls tan at my gym? Is this a normal thing?? I think about my running stride and form. I think about how awesome it's going to feel to cross the finish line at my first marathon and that running on the dreadmill is WORTH IT! I think about food. I think about Rod and if I would be doing this if he were still alive, and about how much my life has changed. I think about how much I want my life to continue to change. I think "I've only gone three miles??" or "is that person going to kick me off my treadmill?". I think one of these days I'm going to sing this Britney song out loud accidentally. I think about how I wish I were running outside. ;)

I haven't really found a better way for me to deal with hours on the treadmill than good music, zoning out and getting lost in my thoughts. I try to block others out and focus on the run. It's what works for me, but I can NOT wait until I get back to running outside again on a regular basis!

How do you survive treadmill runs? 

Until next time~

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