Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Would You Rather - Running Style Survey

One of my favorite bloggers, Cori over at Olive to Run (check out her amazing blog!!), has these fun surveys every once in awhile based on the game Would You Rather?

All of her questions are running related and I decided to join in on the fun. She's done seven surveys so far, and I'm starting with survey number one ....

Would you rather run a 5k or a marathon?
Right now, a marathon.
That seems so strange to say, but that's what first came to mind. I haven't even been running a year OR even ran my first marathon, but somehow I just know I'm going to love them. I really enjoy running long distances. Not that I'm going to stop doing 5k's because they are a lot of fun!!

Would your rather run in the heat of the summer or the icy winter?
Heat of the summer.
I don't like being cold. I don't like the ice. Give me sunshine, humidity and heat; I'll take it. I'm doing whatever I can to survive running this winter while counting down the days to spring.

Would you rather have new running shoes or a new running outfit?
Running shoes.
I'm learning the importance of a good running shoe and can't wait to try more brands and styles out. I have my eyes on these for my next pair ....

Would you rather run alone or in a group?
I really enjoy my runs with my running buddy, Lisa, but most of the time I hit the pavement alone. I like the solitude of my runs, just me and nature. Although I would like to find another running buddy just to help with motivation and to break up some of those runs where I start to feel lonely. 

Would you rather run next to someone in a race who tries to talk to you constantly or someone who breathes heavy and grunts?
The talker.
Especially if they have something interesting to say; it might help pass some of the time. I'd probably run away from the heavy breather and grunter!  

Would you rather run a race because of the convenience (location, price, travel) or the swag?
Convenience for sure.
I like picking races that are close to me/ easy to get to, and that aren't super expensive. Those are huge factors to me. I don't think I even look at the swag until after I register.

Would you rather run a race with a group of friends or by yourself?
By myself.
Since I run most of the time by myself, I think it would be difficult to race with a group. I can imagine it would be hard to figure out pacing and even staying together. I just like to put on my music and get lost in the crowd, and meet up with everyone at the finish line.

Would you rather run a PR but result in an injury or finish strong and miss a PR?
Finish strong.
I don't want to get injured or push myself so much to run for a PR that I would get injured. Having a good, enjoyable race is what's most important.

Would you rather eat a big meal the night before or a big meal after a race?
Hmmm, after I guess. But way after!
I have a very picky stomach so I don't like to eat anything different the night before I race. However, I'm not usually hungry after I run. I usually have to force myself to eat after long runs! But having a big dinner later that day would probably be my choice.

Would you rather be chased by a swarm of bees or a pack of dogs?
Dogs. Bees scare me. And especially if the dogs look like this!

This was fun! Hope you enjoyed it!
Until next time~


  1. Love it! Thanks for joining in the fun!

  2. I love this! I might need to steal this little survey for myself tomorrow. (I love Cori's blog so much too!)

    You know I'm right there with you on the running in the summer thing, but you are such a beast in the cold! I wish I had your motivation!
    Your dog is adorable. :)

    1. Thanks, Lauren! These surveys are so much fun! And it ever gets above zero again, I'll be outside running!

  3. Hey! found you via instagram. I think I may have commented on one of your pics about the cold… are you the fellow Minnesotan that is from the southwest corner of the state?

    I'd rather run a marathon too haha. I've got four kids… so for me, the hassle of making sure there is a babysitter and/or rides to various practices is not worth it for something that lasts less than a half hour.

    I was registered for the Monster Dash but didn't run it because I hurt my foot. I loved it the year before when I ran it. It's such a fun race, isn't it!?

    Looking forward to reading more about your training for the Minneapolis Marathon!!