Monday, January 6, 2014

MIMM: Running Things

Happy Monday! Today is definitely a Monday - alarm went off SUPER early for me at 5:15am, peeled myself out of bed, made coffee, showered and got ready, and was just about ready to leave for a work trip when I found out it was called off. Which I'm incredibly grateful for because it's scary cold out today! Wind chill was at 50 below zero when I woke up. This is beyond cold!!

Last week marked the end of the Runner's World Holiday Streak. So how did I do? Well, I'm actually still streaking! I have ran 43 days in a row - crazy!! I never imagined myself making it through this and, on top of it, keeping it going! I added up my miles and here is where we are right now: 200.16 miles!!

I've learned a few things during this streak. One, I actually like running every day. I think I just like moving every day. Rest days used to give me anxiety, and now that it's winter, I can't go out for long walks on them so running has helped with that. Second, I can run even when I'm tired or my legs are sore. Once I got going, my legs would loosen up and I would feel a little more awake. Third, my body still needs rest. I had a couple of weeks where I didn't take a one mile "rest day." I pushed myself to more miles AND would do some sort of cross training after like weights or the bike. My body would get so exhausted I'd feel sick and all my runs would suffer. So although I like moving every day, I can't push it too much!

I'm not sure how long I'm going to keep the streak up because I signed up for my first marathon!!! Woot woot!! 

The Minneapolis Marathon on June 1st will be my first marathon. I'm so excited!! I think all the miles I logged during the running streak will definitely help me with training; I know my body can handle 35+ miles weekly. I researched training plans and reached out to my Sweat Pink sisters for advice, and finally decided to go with the Hal Higdon Intermediate 1 plan. I have to modify it slightly to allow an extra week due to when my half marathon will be, but I think the plan is a good fit for me since it allows me six days of workouts, which is my ideal amount. I'm also hoping to find a running club or at least a buddy to help with those long runs.

I chose this marathon because I wanted to challenge myself right away in the spring. Also, if I love running marathons, I can find another in the fall to run! This marathon was also featured in the January issue of Runner's World so that's kinda cool. The organization that puts it on is Team Ortho and I have ran two of their events including my first half marathon and the Polar Dash I just ran on New Year's day. I like them and their organization is awesome. I'm also running my next half marathon with a race their doing so we can safely assume I'm a fan!

Has anyone ran with a running group? 
Any advice on my first marathon or training?

I hope everyone has a good Monday! Stay safe with all the crazy winter weather out there. Linking up here for Marvelous in My Monday!

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  1. Yikes, that is seriously cold! And here I was thinking our 10 degree's this morning was cold, that might feel like spring to you:)
    Good luck with your marathon training, my only advice I give first time marathon runners is get the mileage in, and get the long runs in, don't skimp:) If you do, you'll be setting yourself up for a great first marathon that you'll love everystep you take!

    1. Thanks for the advice! I'm kind of scared about the long runs, but won't skimp on them!! And 10 degrees still sounds cold although it's quite a bit warmer than what we have now! At 10 degrees I would be able to run outside.

  2. Congrats with your streaking! I too loved running every day but last Thursday my left shin/back of my left knee was killing me. I stubbornly had to finish that mile but I had to slow down a lot. After that I realized that my streak probably needed to come to an end. I'm kind of relieved because it's been affecting my training plan for Disney Princess and I'm looking forward to some rest days. And congrats on signing up for a marathon! So exciting!