Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Why I Run

As I enter day 25 of my personal running streak and day 21 of the Runner's World Holiday Streak, I know there are some people who think I'm crazy. I take no offense to that ("you're crazy" = a runner's favorite compliment!). I've covered over 100 miles already during this streak and I'm not slowing down anytime soon. But that brings to me a question I'm asked often ....

Why do I run??

Each and every day (well, now at least!) I put on my running gear, lace up my shoes and hit the pavement or treadmill for some sort of run. What drives me? What keeps me going mile after mile? 

I run because it's my therapy.
Running clears my mind. It relieves my stress. It can make headaches disappear. It takes my frustration and with each foot strike, leaves it on the pavement, even for just that moment in the run. I don't have any deep, meaningful thoughts when I run, just the letting go of things weighing on me. Even just for that run, I feel lighter and happier.

I run because it makes me feel alive.
When I'm running outside, it's just God, nature and me and I just love that feeling, that connection. 

I run because it takes me out of my comfort zone.
Running has taught me to reach past my boundaries, step out of the quiet, comfortable life I'm building for just a bit. And it's in those moments outside of my comfort zone, the moments where I've felt discomfort, where I have really found strength in myself.

I run because it's a challenge.
I'm not the best or the fastest runner. When I started back in May, I honestly thought I wouldn't be able to do it. But I've improved so much in these past seven months and will continue to improve with each run, and each new distance and speed I attempt. It's all still so new to me and is never really easy. Running is a slow and sometimes painful process that is teaching me to be the best version of me.

I run because I love it. 
Plain and simple. There is no other way to describe it. I know many people don't understand that; they think running is painful or a punishment. But for me, it's not that. Running is freeing and a place of happiness. 

I don't run for weight loss or donuts or cake. Those aren't BAD reasons to run, they just aren't what drives me. I run for the pure joy of it. Even through the bad or hard runs, I can find something good. Every run is a blessing.

Why do you run??

Until next time~

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  1. This is a really awesome blog post! I run for most of the same reasons, except I definitely do run for donuts too! They are my weakness :) And I agree with the "You're crazy" comments - I'm also run streaking so I get them all the time and I'm not offended at all!