Saturday, December 7, 2013

Holiday Streaking Update

So who is streaking this holiday season? 

And by streaking, I mean doing the Runner's World Holiday Streak, silly. This is a challenge the magazine puts forth to run at least one mile daily starting on Thanksgiving Day until New Year's Day. Sounds fun, right???


So today marks day 10 of the running streak, and day 14 of my personal running streak. Woot woot!! I can proudly say I have not missed a day!! Nor do I plan on missing any. No matter what, I will figure out how to get a run in every day!

Figuring out how many miles to run each day/ week will be a test for sure. Today I woke up extremely tired, with a headache and achy legs from all the running. I'm starting to foam roll and stretch a lot more after each run! Here is a recap of this last week ....

Sunday: 6.38 miles + squats and ab work
Monday: 1.12 miles (rest day!)
Tuesday: 6.02 miles + free weights, squats and planks
Wednesday: 4.05 miles + ab work and squats
Thursday: 3.3 miles + 5 miles bike + cable weights and planks
Friday: 5 miles + leg day and stability ball ab work and planks
Saturday: 5 miles + planks

Total Miles: 30.87 running + 5 miles bike = 35.87 total miles

I'm definitely covering a lot of miles! The week before I did 36.33 total miles, but less running miles. I did a few shorter runs, plus cross training on the elliptical and bike. I'm really starting to like those cross training days with the bike and am going to try to add more of those in next week! I like doing something different!!

This week I also fell on the ice after my first run in the snow on Wednesday. That slowed me down on weight lifting and Pilates. I really need to get those added back in because I miss them when I don't do them as often as I want. It's all about finding the right balance for my body.

I'm really looking forward to continuing with this streak. I'm hoping it will help make me a better, stronger, faster runner! I'm planning on tackling a few half marathons and my first full marathon next year so I need to become a better runner and am hoping this will help. 

I do wish the weather would get nicer though. Currently our temps our subzero and near 20 (or worse!) below with the windchill, which means I've been having to take too many runs on the dreadmill treadmill. Seriously, how do people do the treadmill daily? What I love about running is being outside, feeling my feet hit the pavement, enjoying the quiet nature and solidarity, and clearing my head. That just doesn't happen at the gym. Too many people and always some creepy old guy staring at me! Please get warmer weather!!

Covering the display really helps me get my miles in!

If you're streaking, I hope it's going well! If you're not and think I'm crazy, you can follow me on my journey on Twitter or Instagram. I try to post on those two daily about my runs and for support!

Until next time~

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