Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Race Day Goals

I have to admit, I'm kind of scared to put any race day goals out there. I'm afraid of disappointing people, most of all myself. Not that I haven't thought of these goals over and over again, but putting them out there makes them feel so much more real. Other people will know of them and might judge me if I don't reach them. I've also read that first time runners shouldn't set goals because they don't know what to expect, which I completely get. However, I am a goal setter and having these helps me feel a little prepared!

Goal One:
To have fun. Yes, this is my main goal. I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't enjoy running so my main goal is to relax, enjoy every moment and have fun. I don't need to stress about hitting a PR because it's my first half marathon, and no matter what I finish in, it's a PR! 

Goal Two:
To rely on my training. I've done everything I can to prepare for this race. I've gone out on long runs, short runs, fast runs and push myself through painful/ exhausted feeling runs. I need to get rid of those thoughts that say I can't do this; 13.1 miles is too far and replace it with the knowledge that I can do this. I'll look back at my calendar and focus on how many miles I've already ran. My body is ready; I am ready.

Goal Three:
To run the whole race. I know I can run the whole 13.1 miles without walking and I will do it on Saturday. I, of course, will walk through water stations when I need water and fuel, but otherwise my goal is to keep pushing on, running the whole race. 

Goal Four:
To finish the race in ....
Okay, this is where I struggle. I do have a goal time I want to finish in, but I don't know how realistic it is and I don't want to put too much pressure on myself with people thinking I'm going to finish in that time. I don't want to disappoint anyone. I want people (and myself) to focus on the fact that no matter what my time is, it's awesome. I'm doing something that I never imagined myself being able to do. Something I never though I'd even want  to do. Just finishing should be amazing enough. Right?? 
I have my Goal A time that I'm going to keep secret. Runner's World pace schedule puts me finishing around 2:10 so that's my Goal B time. I originally thought I would finish in 2:20 so that's my Goal C time. Any of those times will make me happy!

Those are my four main goals - have fun, settle my nerves by relying on my training, run the whole race and finish under 2:20. I think those are pretty good goals! And after I finish this half marathon, I look forward to setting my next goals. Maybe a 14 mile Polar Dash race? Yup, that sounds cold! Not sure if I'm Minnesotan enough to handle that being such a freeze baby and all!! But let's just get through this race first!

Did you set goals for your half marathon - first or any? 

Any advice on setting a goal time or I am doing okay in what I hope?

Until next time~ 


  1. OMG I love the Morgan Freeman reference - that is hilarious! As for you? You're doing everything right and you have GREAT goals! Definitely go out there and have fun because otherwise, what's the point? I put my race goals out for all the bloggy world to see and you know what? I surpassed them! I'm also racing on Saturday so I'll be thinking of you. Go get em!!!

    1. Definitely plan on having fun - that to me is most important. Good luck at your race!!