Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October and A Lifestyle Change

Happy October! I love October; it's by far my favorite month. 

Fall is the best season - the colors, the smells, the pumpkins, the falling leaves, the cooler temps, the scarves and boots .... I could go on and on! Although in winter I dream of moving somewhere warm where winter doesn't exist, I just couldn't live without fall. Love, love, love!!

Yesterday was a much needed rest day. I woke up and could barely walk my calves were so tight and sore! I ran 12 miles on Sunday (so happy with that!), but I must not have stretched enough or something because walking was difficult yesterday. Especially all the stairs in my townhome! I was afraid I wouldn't be able to run today as well, but although I'm still feeling sore (cue the torturous foam roller!), I made it out for a run. I had planned on four, but when I got back home I ran five and felt great during it. Thank goodness! 

Back in April or so, I was talking with my mom and grandma about all the clothes I had in my spare closet that no longer fit ranging from sizes 4 up to 12. I was discussing about how I wanted to donate them. My grandma, my very blunt, always speaks her mind grandma, told me that I shouldn't donate them. I was going to gain back the weight and need those clothes again. That hurt. At that point, I had been living in my goal weight for quite a few months and had been eating healthy and working out for about a year. I came back home after that weekend and just shut the closet door not knowing what to do.

Over the next few months, the pile kept getting bigger. Finally, in June, I donated all of those clothes. And boy, did that feel great!! I got to the point where I realized (sorry Grandma!) that my grandma was wrong. I am NOT going to gain back the weight I lost. I said goodbye to the old me.

Why am I so sure? Well, it's because I lost my weight through a lifestyle change. I am not on diet, nor have I been. I changed my eating habits to healthy and clean, but allowing treats in moderation. I workout and run because I love to; not to be "skinny" but healthy. I've gone through a lot this past year and a half since I changed my lifestyle - stress, building a new life, heartbreak, etc. - and I haven't gained back any of the weight. I haven't really struggled or had extreme cravings to go back to my unhealthy eating habits. My weight loss is because I chose to change the way I see food, the way I dealt with stress and, of course, what I eat. 

My advice to anyone who wants to lose weight, is to not diet. Diets don't work. But changing your eating habits, your workout habits and realizing that these changes are a lifestyle change do work. There is no easy fix, but being healthy is definitely worth it!

Until next time~

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