Monday, October 28, 2013

MIMM: My First Half Marathon

I've started to notice many blogs I follow post a "Marvelous in my Monday" blog and I thought it seemed like a fun link up to join!

So what's so marvelous in my life right now? Well, of course it's finishing my first half marathon this past Saturday! I ran the Monster Dash in St. Paul ....

My mom is totally photo-bombing! Love it!!

It was super cold and windy, and waiting for the race to start I could not stop shivering. Luckily the best supporters in the world (my parents!) were there and my dad wrapped his coat around me to keep me (kind of) warm. As I got in the start corral, the nerves got to me. Luckily when the gun went off and we walked up to the start line I got past them! The super cold feeling finally went away around mile three when I could feel my toes again! 

I plan on writing a full recap later this week after I process it all, but here's what I have to say about it now. As I was running, it took me a long time to acknowledge that I wasn't racing the other runners, I was doing it just for myself; I'm only in competition with me. Once I realized that, I had a great run.

I might not have finished in my Goal A time (2 hours was that goal), but I did finish under my Goal B time (2:10). Read about those goals hereRight now, my official time is 2:07. I'm not sure if that's correct. My Runtastic app says I did 13.48 miles in 2:07 and I swear the clock said 2:04 when I crossed. I did receive an email that said there were some errors with the timing chips so we'll see if my official time changes at all. No matter what, I'm happy and proud of my time!

How could my first half marathon not be marvelous???
Crossing that finishing line was a marvelous feeling....
Hugging my mom and dad after and feeling so proud was marvelous.... 
Putting on a medal for finishing a half marathon was definitely a marvelous feeling!!

I can't wait until I can run my next one!

Until next time~ 


  1. Just found your blog, and girl your adorable! Congratulations on completing your first half. =)

  2. Congrats! Sounds like a fun time! I've never done a half marathon in cold weather and have to start planning for my outfit for my race in November :) Might need a headband like yours!

    1. I didn't expect the weather to be quite so cold, even here in MN! Luckily, layers are awesome!! Enjoy your race in November!! I'll be doing the Turkey Trot (a 5k) and I'm hoping it will be somewhat warm!