Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Not a Born Runner

So last night I was woken up at 4:45am by every single smoke alarm going off in my house. Talk about a scare!! Jeesh, my heart was beating so fast. After not smelling smoke, I ran around the house checking everything and trying to figure out why they were going off and how to stop them. They finally went off on their own after an eternity a couple of minutes. What the heck?? Why were they going off? I definitely did not get back to sleep after that ordeal and I was sleeping so well! Grrr.

I just started running this past May. Maybe late April? With how late our winter lasted, I'm guessing it really was May. I'm serious when I say that. I never ran much before. I was much more a part of this crowd ....

I lost all my weight doing the elliptical and hiking intervals on the treadmill, never running. I couldn't even fathom running a mile when I started! But once I got going, I loved it. I didn't start it for weight loss, although it has leaned me out quite a bit. I haven't lost a lot of weight, but running has made my legs leaner and stronger, my stomach is flatter and, I guess the saddest part, I lost my boobs! Honestly though, I love my new "runners body" as I call it!

Left is from Sept. 2012, right is from July 2013

However, as much as I love running, it's not always "easy" for me. Some days are definitely a struggle. And it's not even the running that I struggle with. It's the getting out there; having confidence in myself that I can accomplish running. Once I get out there and get going, I can easily do it. But I have mental roadblocks that sometimes get in my way of running. Especially lately. I see that I have five or six miles scheduled and I get a little nervous that I can't finish. A voice inside my head keeps saying "you're not a born runner; why are you doing this? You're tired, or sore, or blah, blah, blah, let's take a break." I take it one step at a time - I put on my workout clothes, I put my hair up, bring Mercedes for a short walk to warm up, and in the end, I lace up my shoes and I go. And you know what? I can do it. I can finish my scheduled miles and I don't even have to take walk breaks anymore. I'm sure I will as I keep increasing my miles, but I can run six miles plus without walk breaks now! Proud moment. 

I might not be a born runner, but I am a runner. I know when I'm experiencing those mental roadblocks or my body is tired, that once I get out there and get running, I will feel great. And when I'm finished with my run, I feel energized, calm and less stressed. I love being a runner.

Do any of you experience "mental roadblocks" when it comes to exercise? How do you get over them?

Until next time~

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