Sunday, September 29, 2013

Half Marathon Training: Week Two

I can't believe that my half marathon is coming up in less than a month!! The best part is that I'm ready, I know it; I can do this!! I know my body is well trained for it (or will be by then!) and I have the drive to finish. This is what I was meant for, but that's not saying I don't struggle!

Here's a recap of my workouts this past week:
Sunday: 10 miles + 2 minute plank (I was at the gym foam rolling so I thought why not?)
Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: 4.09 miles + weights, squats and planks + Pilates
Wednesday: 5.62 miles + ab work, planks and lunges
Thursday: 4.3 miles elliptical + weights and planks
Friday: 4.5 miles + ab work, planks, squats and lunges
Saturday: 3.65 miles

Total Miles: 27.86 running + 4.3 elliptical = 32.16 miles!!

This week I did struggle a little bit with my runs. I had this nagging pain in the back of my right ankle that would really hurt during some runs, or through part of my runs. Saturday was the worst. The pain started in my ankle, and eventually traveled up into my calf. I had five miles scheduled, but had to cut it short. Thinking I had strained my Achille's tendon or something, I iced it throughout the rest of the day. Luckily, I woke up this morning and felt pretty good!

I'm definitely suffering from low energy. I'm pretty sure it's my eating habits. This means that some of my runs have been slower than I wanted, but I do my best to power through them and push myself. It also means that my weight lifting and Pilates have suffered a bit; I just don't have the energy needed for all of it! I need to get my body used to training this much AND figure out how to eat enough to fuel for my higher mileage. 

I had cut out grains awhile back, but I'm not sure this is the best food strategy for me currently. I feel as if I need more carbs! I've added in a little bit of oatmeal, corn tortillas, corn and sweet potatoes back into my routine. I hope they help, but DON'T cause me to gain weight. I just don't know how to properly fuel with eating such small amounts of carbs. Anyone else run on no grains diet?? I'm open to ideas!

Until next time~ 

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