Monday, September 16, 2013

A Serious Consideration

I’m writing this post as I’m driving riding through central Wisconsin. My favorite drive ride EVER! Oooh … a cow! A corn field! And a cheese shop, and more cows! Just kidding, love you Wisconsin! Actually, the leaves are just starting to turn color so the drive is a little prettier than normal. In a couple of weeks it will be a gorgeous drive!

So I am seriously (for real seriously) considering running a half marathon this year yet. Which, thanks to Minnesota weather, means at the end of October. That is the latest half marathon I’ve found. The Monster Dash on October 26th. That means I have six weeks to train. Am I crazy?? I kind of feel like it!

Yesterday I ran eight miles. That’s my longest distance ever. I didn’t even take any walk breaks – amazing!! At the end, my legs felt tired and tight, but overall I felt pretty good. Not too tired, I wasn’t out of breath or huffing and puffing. But I still have five more miles I have to add to that for the 13.1! I ran five miles on Saturday, and the eight on Sunday, but not 13 all at once. Can I do it in six weeks??? Can I seriously be ready?? I really want to try though!

However, I was just told that I don't need to train for a half marathon. It's just running after all. But as this person finished their story, they ran/ walked a half marathon, couldn't walk for a week, started to hate running and never ran again. Yeah, I think proper training is important!

I do feel like most people sign up for these events months in advance, not six weeks. I want to decide soon, by the end of the week probably, before the registration fee goes up. It’s already high enough!

Also, I noticed last night as I was packing my Nike’s in my suitcase that the treads are super worn. I’m guessing that means new shoes? Another expense on top of the registration fee! Ugh. However, running is my passion and I see the costs to be worth it.

Thoughts? Advice? Do you think I’m crazy or can I do this??

If I do, I want this diamond half marathon necklace! Along with a 13.1 decal for my car! Is it sad that I really, really want a decal for my car and am jealous of those who have them? Haha!

Until next time~

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