Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Recap and My First 5k

Happy Monday lovely readers! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Mine was okay. It definitely had a bright spot that made me incredibly happy and proud - I ran my first 5k! It was a goal I set a couple months ago and didn't think I could do it, but I did, and I'm so happy I made my goal!

The 5k was here in my city so it wasn't a big race, probably only about 60 people or so. I thought a small race would be a good start for me rather than one of the bigger ones in Minneapolis because I get super nervous in situations like that. I woke up early on Saturday morning with a few butterflies flying around my stomach. I forced down a little bit of food, got dressed and headed up to the race. Luckily I had two friends that agreed to run with me so that helped calm my nerves! As we were standing waiting for the race to start and stretching, my energy and excitement hit me; I felt giddy and ready. My goal wasn't about winning anything, just to run the whole way and make better time than I do on my own. I knew I could do it!

The weather was pretty good for the race. Overcast, but not rainy, around 66 degrees. It was pretty humid, but that's expected in Minnesota. The sun came out toward the end of my run so I never got TOO hot. I pushed myself to run faster and not lose sight of the faster runners in front of me. I was surprised to hear Runtastic tell me that at mile one I was at 8 minutes 40 seconds since I'm normally well about 10 minutes! In the end, I finished 13th out of all participants at 27:38. My best time ever!!! I was so proud of myself for finishing like that!

One of the coolest parts, is that I actually won a medal. I won first place for my age bracket. I'm amazed!!

I definitely am addicted to running now. I've already been looking for my next race!!

The rest of my weekend had plenty of ups. Saturday afternoon I went out and celebrated finishing my first race and finally enjoyed a cocktail! I spent Saturday night at the Brave New Workshop Comedy Theater in Minneapolis checking out a hilarious show called Lance Armstrong's Steroid-Pumped Comedy Revue: A Cheater's Guide to Winning. Sunday morning I went out for a delicious brunch at Pittsburgh Blue and ended the weekend up at my parents' house to spend Father's Day with my dad with a four-wheeler ride, dinner and a bonfire.

How was your weekend? I hope you have a good week!!
Until next time~

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