Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Running to a Better Mood and Too Restrictive of a Diet?

Today I woke up with sore legs, tight hips and a crabby attitude. Super fun! Probably a good thing I work from home and live with just a dog! This crabby attitude has lessened quite a bit through the day, but that might mean this post ends up being a venting post!

First, I'm on the hunt for an arm band to wear while running and also at the gym to tune out the horrible 80s music that the gym manager insists on playing every single day. I have been to two Targets, Best Buy, two sports stores, TJ Maxx and looked on Amazon. And I still don't have an arm band. All the stores only sell them for an iPhone 5 (yes, the guy at Target told me yesterday that my 4 was TOO OLD for them to sell arm bands for anymore!) or the ones on Amazon are too big for my arm (well, the inexpensive ones anyway). Grrrr. I'm afraid I'm going to drop my phone one day when running! Any suggestions or recommendations on a brand that's good for smaller arms? I really didn't think my arms were that small!

Because of my sore legs, today I decided to put off my planned run and go to the gym to do weights then see how I felt. I warmed up with 15 minutes on the elliptical, then moved onto the cable weight machine to do seated cable rows, lat pulldowns and tricep extensions, with pushups and tricep dips in between each set. I finished up my workout with planks and my mood definitely improved, but my sore legs did not. I felt disappointed that I couldn't get in a run. However, this afternoon I found a burst of energy (somehow shopping at Ulta put me in a good mood; love beauty products!) and felt like going for a run. Our weather has been crazy today with sun, clouds, then a little bit of rain so I ended up getting rained on a bit. I went for a short two miles and improved on my average pace per mile - yes!

I'm starting to wonder if my diet plan is too restrictive. I don't know how people do this. I feel hungry often and think that's why my mood is so crabby today. I went to bed hungry, woke up hungry, got hungry at the gym and it just hasn't ended today. I don't miss the grains and I probably won't add those back in much, but I do miss the dairy. I know my body can't handle a lot of dairy, but I miss being able to have Greek yogurt and cheese. That protein and fat mix I think helped me feel not so hungry. I just don't know what to do ....

Well, time for dinner - told you I was hungry! Tonight will be a stir-fry of sorts with chicken, seasonings, cauliflower rice, zucchini, red peppers and summer squash. Maybe an odd combination, but it tastes good! And I know it's only Tuesday, but I'm so looking forward to this weekend. I have my first 5k, going out to lunch with amazing friends to celebrate and so much more going on that excites me so much! It's going to be great!

This was so true for me today!

Do you think eliminating whole food groups from your diet is too restrictive? 

Until next time~


  1. Yes i do think eliminating whole food groups are too restrictive (unless it's necessary for allergies). It sounds like your body is now used to burning calories and you need to suppliment with a possible higher calorie diet. Think about swimmers who are ravenous after swim practice...i wonder if there is a way to find out "how much you should be eating" for how active you are. your body needs fuel.

    1. I just don't know how to eat more! I feel like I shouldn't eat any more otherwise I could gain weight. That scares me! I'm working on that balance. Slowly. I really should talk with a nutritionist; it would help. I just keep seeing all these articles about eliminating grains, dairy, sugar, etc and how people benefit from them that I think I need to try it too.

  2. I think you really need to listen to your body. If you want Greek yoghurt and cheese, have Greek yoghurt and cheese! And it won't make you gain weight - I once ate a 1kg tub of yoghurt in four days and didn't gain an ounce! And from looking at pictures of you, you do not need to worry your little head about weight gain! Honestly, when we nourish our bodies with what we crave and want, we feel SO much better for it. I tried to cut out grains thinking it would give me more energy, but it sent me into the deepest level of depression I've experienced yet. Now I know that it's because people with depression needs grains in order to boost their serotonin levels!
    Just listen to what you really want. Cutting out food groups will only lead to feelings of deprivation, and therefore, unhappiness. We don't want that! (: x