Monday, June 24, 2013

Just Be YOU

Happy Monday! Can I say that I'm happy it's Monday? Only because last week was a BAD week and I'm looking forward to a fresh start and a new outlook!

This morning I decided to go for a run bright and early. That means before breakfast. I don't know how people go running or work out before eating! I just can NOT do it. I have no energy. My legs feel heavy. My breathing is off. And I just feel tired. I only made it two miles today before I headed back home to get some coffee and food. I hit the gym after breakfast, but I'm a little disappointed since I wanted today to be a four mile run. How do you people do it??

I read this in a tweet yesterday and it really struck a cord with me:
"Don't defend yourself to anyone, just do YOU. As soon as you start defending, you're letting your insecurities get the better of you."

I had a difficult week last week. It's very personal and something I didn't expect. The worst feeling, okay one of the worst, is feeling worthless. That's how I was made to feel last week. I didn't matter. I wasn't good enough or perfect enough. My lifestyle wasn't up to par. I wasn't beautiful enough. My clothes were all wrong. I was defending myself so much and defending those things that just make me me and I felt so worthless. It's taken me awhile to dig myself out of that feeling of worthlessness. To realize that I am enough just as I am. Like I said earlier, this is a new week, a new start and my attitude is changing from last week. I'm letting go and will continue to just be me. The best version of me possible! 

On a fun note, I'm trying out a new look today - leggings! It's taken me a long time to give into the fashion trend mainly because I've never been proud of my legs. I still don't have that "coveted" thigh gap, nor will I ever, but my legs are muscular and I'm happy to show that off! I think I like this look. It's very comfortable and cool! And thank goodness for the Target junior's department - I can find cute clothes that fit me at a good price!

I hope you have a marvelous Monday! And remember to just be you, always!

Until next time~

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