Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Running, Going Grain Free and MyFitnessPal

Happy rainy Wednesday! Well, rainy if you live in Minnesota! We haven't seen the sun much in the last few day; I miss it! On the bright side, rain is better than snow, and the sun will come out tomorrow!

I actually got out for my first solo run on Monday during the little bit of sunshine we did have before all the rain came. I didn't feel great about it. I took some walk breaks and my loop ended up being a little less than two miles. However, I had a good friend remind me that at least I got out there and ran, and she said I did pretty well. So that's good to hear! I know every day will get better. Tomorrow I meet with some friends for another run and I think that will be good; I run better with a buddy!

And I need to keep this in mind!

I've really been working on loving and accepting my body (see this post), but some days are really difficult, as I'm sure many of you can agree! I've been working out so hard, eating a tight diet and still feel as if I have this huge stomach. I thought Pilates and all my planks would help, but I still don't see the definition I want to see. And bikini season is right around the corner! Now, I realize that some of this is perception; I don't see myself as the size that I am. However, I do feel as if there is something in my diet that is causing this. Or possibly I'm working out too much and eating too little. Here is what I'm doing to try to help ...

Going grain free. 
I don't feel as if I necessarily eat a lot of carb heavy foods. I stay away from breads and wheat typically, but I do eat oatmeal every morning for breakfast. I also make protein energy bites with oatmeal. And, as I've declared many times on this blog, have a crazy love for Mexican/ Southwest foods which means lots of things stuffed in a tortilla. I have switched to corn tortillas, but maybe I need to cut those out entirely. But can I? I love them!! I've already switched from oatmeal to eggs and berries in the morning. Last night instead of quinoa in my burrito bowl, I used cauliflower "rice" (surprisingly a good substitute!). I have noticed lately that I feel very heavy when I eat oatmeal and other grains; I just don't know if my body processes them properly so I thought this would be a good thing for me to cut out and test. Wish me luck!

Breaking up with MyFitnessPal.
I think this is the big one for me. A few weeks ago I decided to completely stop tracking what I'm eating and how many calories I'm burning. It was becoming obsessive for me. Every morsel that I ate had to be tracked. And once I reached that 1,200 calorie mark, I couldn't eat more. I would rearrange meals to fit into my calorie/ fat/ protein/ carb numbers. I stopped enjoying food. And I definitely wasn't eating enough for as much as I was exercising. Not good!! I think by stop using MyFitnessPal, I will eat what my body craves and needs. Without obsession or guilt. It already feels freeing! Dear MyFitnessPal, we're breaking up!! I don't need you. I know how to eat, I know what to eat and I no longer need to obsess!

Has anyone else gone grain free? Any tips??

Until next time~


  1. i have been grain free for 8.5 weeks now (drs orders due to bad stomach problems) def feel better already tho! i too have struggled with tracking EVERYTHING on myfitnesspal and want so badly to stop but im scared!

    1. I'm kind of excited to go grain free. I think it will help with my stomach issues as well! With MyFitnessPal, I tried several times, but would always end up tracking, and finally, after putting in the 5 almonds I ate, I said I had to stop. It was getting ridiculous. I know how to feed my body and my meals don't change too often. It was scary, but feels so good now not to be tied to that app!