Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sick of Being Sick and Forcing Workouts

I've been sick since Sunday. With what? I have no idea. My lymph nodes in my neck are swollen which makes my throat hurt and all I want to do is sleep. I have a feverish feeling that comes and goes, and I'm forcing myself to eat since I don't feel hungry. I slept pretty much all day Sunday and Monday, and still I just feel exhausted. What is going on with my body? I need it to go away whatever this is!

I missed my workout on Monday because of being sick. Sunday was a scheduled rest day luckily so I only missed Monday. I felt so guilty! I know that's weird behavior, but I like going to the gym. I like the feeling of working out and pushing my body. Sitting on my butt, or laying around all day, makes me feel guilty and lazy. Even when I'm sick I guess. I barely had energy to bring my dog on a walk so I knew the gym was out no matter what! 

Yesterday and today I forced myself to go the gym for at least a short workout. Yesterday was okay, but not great. Today was bad. I tried to run, but just couldn't. I got winded and so wore out after a 35 minute hiking interval. What the heck?? That's not normal for me. Today should have been a weight lifting day, but my arms are so heavy and tired that there was no way I could lift weights.

I've been pumping myself full of coffee to get through the day and get my work done, but still, all I want to do is curl up under a blanket and sleep. And I wish I had someone to take care of me. Most of the time I'm perfectly content happy being single. But when you're not feeing well, all you want is for someone else to run to the store for you, to make or bring you dinner, go get you frozen yogurt to soothe your throat, and just tell you that it's okay to skip the gym and take a nap! Mercedes at least makes a good nap partner; I guess I can be grateful for that!

Do you force yourself to workout when you're sick for days or do you just rest? I feel as if my body says no to working out, but my brain says "maybe this will give you energy." Yeah, I'm a little addicted to the gym!

Until next time~


  1. i think your body still needs rest to recover. If you push yourself too hard while sick you can just make it worse. Love ya friend. Feel better soon!

    1. Thanks friend! I just hate missing the gym - I've been going six days a week. Which, yes I know is a lot especially when I'm not trying to lose weight or train for anything. I just love it there! It's my stress reliever! Love ya too!