Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Food Noise

My mind is boggled with what I like to call "food noise." It's my own fault. I'm constantly reading on new food fads - how to eat clean, the paleo diet, gluten free, what to eat for a flat stomach, how to properly fuel your body, etc. However, I read so many different "food lifestyle" plans that my mind is full!

Are carbs bad? No, there are some good ones. Oh, wait, this website says stay away from all carbs. Even fruit?? Oh, I can have berries. What about oatmeal? Oatmeal good, no oatmeal bad.
Eat low fat. Wait, eat fats. Healthy fats anyway. Is bacon a healthy fat?? Okay, that's a no. :)
Eat grains, stay away from grains. Quinoa is good, no, wait it's bad. 
Only eat fruits and veggies with lean protein. But don't get too much protein. How much is too much protein??
Gluten is bad for everyone. Wheat gives you a wheat belly. What the heck is wheat belly??

Awww!! It gets to be too much! Everyone has a different diet food lifestyle plan. And everyone differs in what is good and what is bad! So how do you know? What food noise do you believe and follow??

I'm still figuring this out. There are certain blogs I read that I love and think they give great advice, and others, I find some of their advice confusing. And it all gets boggled up in my mind as noise that I obsess about at times. 

What I'm doing now is trying to listen to my body and give what it's craving. If it's craving sugar and carbs, I feed it fruit as my afternoon snack with some peanut butter. I eat whole grains when I'm really hungry and I know salad and a piece of lean meat won't cut it. 

I'm eating clean, but not to extremes. But I do eat things and think, crap, I shouldn't have ate that. That doesn't fit into my healthy food lifestyle. I hate that guilt though. I dislike feeling as if I can't have treats or "bad" food in moderation in my mind. 

I'm not perfect, that's for sure. I like my coffee with cream (that I made homemade and is clean!), my vodkas or margaritas, and I love having a piece of dark chocolate daily. I know that means I'm not eating super "clean" as those clean dieters will tell me, but right now I'm trying to find a balance. Trying to sort out what I believe and what I think is bull from all the food noise out there. 

Do you find that there is too much food noise? Too many "diets"? How do you choose what advice to follow and what to throw out? 

Until next time~

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