Friday, March 29, 2013

High Five for Friday

Friday! This week has actually gone by fast, amazingly. And Sunday is Easter! I used to always love Easter - getting all dressed up in a new dress for church, looking for my Easter basket that the Easter Bunny hid somewhere in the house and all the candy!! My absolute favorite candy comes out during Easter - Peeps, Cadbury Creme Eggs and my ultimate favorite, Cadbury Mini Eggs. Those things are like crack to me; I could eat the whole bag in one day. Needless to say, this year I'm avoiding the Easter aisle at all costs so I don't give in to temptation and buy candy!

Now on to the good things of this week for the weekly link up with Lauren for High Five for Friday ...

My mom came down on Sunday to spend a few days with me. It was fun having someone else in the house with me for awhile and to have someone to do things with like shopping! We made fish tacos (yum!), went shopping, watched a movie and had some great mother/ daughter bonding time. It was a wonderful few days! While out shopping, I finally indulged in some cupcakes at Nadia Cakes Cupcake Shop. My mom and I split a s'mores cupcake and a salted caramel. My favorite was the salted caramel - delicious!

How pretty are these flowers? I love daisies and I tend to gravitate toward the simple white ones, but my local grocery store had these on special last week and I had to buy a few bunches of fun colors.

I haven't bought jeans at the Gap in a very long time, but I fell in love with these skinny jeans from there. They fit me perfectly! The wash is great, they don't stretch out at all while wearing them (the best part; so many jeans stretch out and get baggy throughout the day) and length is perfect. I might have to go see if these come in other washes that are made out of the same material!

I found my new favorite vodka - salted caramel. I've been drinking the cake flavored vodka for awhile and really enjoy it, but I tried this caramel version at a tasting in the store and couldn't resist buying a bottle. Now, Easter Bunny, I don't want a basket full of candy this year, but you could bring me a bottle of this!!

And speaking of vodka, I love this! Totally what I'm going to do when I need to go swimsuit shopping!

I hope you all had a good week. Make sure to check out my other posts from this week:

Have a happy Easter! Until next time~ 


  1. Stopping by from H54F! I love daises too!!! I just think they are the pretties and friendliest looking flowers. And I absolutely agree with the little picture about the vodka and trying on bathing suits. I didn't go anywhere near bathing suits last year. However, this year I have a goal to feel good in a bathing suit!


  2. Salted Caramel Vodka?!?! That. Is. Awesome.
    I must get some of this deliciousness in a bottle!!
    ohh.. the flowers were gorgeous too. But I got distracted by the vodka!

    1. I highly recommend the vodka. It's delicious!!