Friday, March 22, 2013

High Five for Friday

My goodness this week has been a struggle in my personal life. This struggle effects everything - I'm barely eating enough, I just don't feel happy and I haven't been out much, just work and the gym - and I need to figure out how to get past it; how to let it go. This week's link up with Lauren for High Five for Friday might be a little light on the fun!

Sunday was St. Patrick's Day and I made green pancakes in celebration. These green pancakes were amazing. They're made from spinach, unsweetened applesauce, an egg, baking powder, protein powder and vanilla. I was afraid how they'd taste, but I was surprised how yummy they were! It was nice to have a break from my normal oatmeal breakfast as well. You can get the recipe here.

I've been stepping up my workouts at the gym when it comes to weights, abs and legs. This week I've woken up with sore abs after adding in some new moves and sore arms the next day after upping the weights and reps at the gym. I love that feeling!

I spotted this purse in an InStyle magazine. I'm just saying, if someone wants to buy me a present, this would be perfect!!

I am in love with this shirt! I wish there was an actual link with this pin so I could find it ...

And lastly, I have to share a picture of my baby, Mercedes. She's super fluffy right now and in desperate need of a haircut. But I don't want to bring her to the groomer until it warms up, which I'm hoping will happen soon. Please spring?? I think she's adorable super fluffy, but a pain to brush out!

Hope you all had a good week! My goal is to get through my personal struggles this weekend and start feeling happier! Check out my other post from this week: Homemade Coffee Creamer Round 2.

Until next time~


  1. I am loving that shirt too! Stopping by from H54F link up.

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    xo, Ashley @ Horseshoes & Pearls