Monday, February 25, 2013

Motivational Monday: Before & After

When I started working out and eating healthy, I never did a "before" picture. In some ways I regret that, but there was no way I was going to stand in my bra and underwear or a swimsuit to do a before picture! I'm not even comfortable doing that now and I've lost 50 pounds!! However, I do have a picture of me from November 2011 and a picture of me from November 2012 to compare. These actually make a good before and after comparison ....

How crazy is that!! It's weird for me to see that comparison because, like I've referenced in other posts, I still don't see myself as thin. However, when I look at this comparison, I can see it. I don't see the flaws and not so perfect stomach or thighs that haunt me on a daily basis. I see someone who looks dramatically different. In one year's time, I lost a lot of weight. And it took this comparison for me to actually see it! In case you're curious, the one on the left is me in a size 10 dress, and the one on the right is a size two. Both dresses are from White House Black Market. 

(Also crazy, I wore that red dress a couple of weeks ago, and it needs to be altered. It's a little big in certain areas and needs to be taken in so it fits perfectly again!)

Just for fun, I tried on that beautiful floral dress that I wore to Amber and Joe's wedding. I loved that dress so much; it made me feel so pretty. Now, it just hangs off me. Actually falls off even when it's zipped up all the way! 

So, I will never wear this beautiful dress again. At least I was able to wear it to an amazing friend's wedding. And if you wear a size 10 and love this dress, contact me - I want to find a good home for it!

Until next time~

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  1. Kristine!! Thanks so much for popping over to my blog, I LOVE your blog as well! It's gorgeous just like you :). I think you should alter the floral dress and make a whole new dress out of it, since you won't be wearing it at that size ever again!! :) xoxo