Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I Am Not a Toothpick, Nor Will I Ever Be

A few months ago I was jealous of someone I had never met because I constantly heard of her referred to as "the perfect body", "super skinny" and "hot and not an ounce of fat". She was deemed "perfect" in this person's eyes, and I felt I would never measure up to that. No matter what, I was never going to be super skinny and 98 pounds. I had years of bad eating and genetics fighting against me for that type of skinny. But now, today, those comments about this person I have never met, don't bother me. Because I've realized that I don't want to be "skinny"; I want to be fit. Thin, of course, but healthy and fit ... those are my goals. 

I am at what I would call my body's "happy weight." This weight of 120 pounds is what I can easily maintain by eating healthy, working out, and allowing myself treats or cheat days in moderation. Could I weigh less than 120 pounds? Of course I could. I could probably lose another 10 pounds if I wanted to - I could push the cardio even more and cut out those treats. But I don't think I would like my body at 110 pounds. I wouldn't be able to have muscle at 110 pounds, and that's what I want. 

Today I realized that my arms are pure muscle. Seriously, I had never noticed before. I was brushing my teeth and just noticed that I no longer had the lower arm flab that I used to have. My arms used to embarrass me and I wouldn't wear tank tops because of that flab. Now, my arms aren't just thin, they're muscle, and I love that. I want the rest of my body to be like that as well, and that has been a goal of mine for awhile now. I want those rock hard abs (or at least abs that you can see) and trim thighs. I want to have a body like the ones I admire, and those aren't the super skinny models. 

I get lots of questions about if I'm trying to lose more weight or if I have lost more weight. So here it is, no. I'm not trying to lose more weight and I've been at the same weight since the beginning of December. (So you can stop worrying, Mom!!) However, I still go to the gym and work out like crazy because I'm working on toning up, getting {more} fit and gaining muscle. In the end, I might not be 110 pounds, but I could probably kick the ass of that 98 pound "perfect" body! I don't want someone else's version of perfect or starve myself to be skinny to fit someone else's mold, I want my perfect body. The one that I can look in the mirror and be proud of what I see in that reflection. Someday soon I will have that body I've always wanted - thin, toned and strong. I get closer every day!

Reason To Be Fit

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