Friday, February 22, 2013

High Five for Friday

As I'm sitting here watching the snow fall out the window while drinking my coffee, I am reminded again how lucky I am to work from home. I don't have to deal with those slippery roads and slow traffic! On the bright side, it's Friday and time to link up with Lauren for High Five for Friday!

I love hot pink carnations. Such a simple "filler" flower, but for some reason they just make me happy. Any time I see them for sale I always have to buy a bunch. The best part? They're super inexpensive!

Last week I went and the movie Safe Haven. Oh my gosh I loved it!! I read some articles about critics slamming it because of the plot twist, but rarely do critics like the movies I do. I personally thought it  was an amazing movie and I would probably pay to go see it again!

My spoiled rotten puppy. Seriously, she gets away with everything and has been a pain lately! But a cute one at least!

I picked this nail polish up at Ulta the other day. Cute As A Button from Essie. It's awesome. It's not glaringly hot pink, but hot pink-ish. Perfect for my toenails this spring! (If spring ever comes.)

This is my favorite quote of the week. I'm going to print this off and frame it! Not only does it perfectly apply to healthy eating and fitness, it also applies to my personal life quite a bit. 

I hope you all had a wonderful week! Remember to be thankful for the good things in life, even the small ones. 

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Until next time~ 


  1. Beautiful flowers! Have a great weekend :)

  2. Sounds like a great week. Love your puppy and your polish!


  3. those flowers are gorgeous!
    I want to buy essie's "cute as a button" now!

    have a great weekend!
    new follower,