Friday, February 1, 2013

A Very Special Birthday and High Five for Friday

Today, February 1st, would have been Rod's 41st birthday. I would like to take just a small part of this blog to wish him a happy birthday. I believe that they celebrate birthdays in heaven without keeping track of your age! Or something like that. Birthdays were never a big deal to Rod, like they are to me. He never wanted to have a party or do anything fun to celebrate. I would always make him one of his favorite meals for dinner, bake him a cake, we would rent a movie and of course there would be some NASCAR themed present. To him, that was the perfect birthday celebration. So Rod, on this very special day, Happy Birthday! Your last birthday present is still displayed in my office.

Now on to this week's link up with Lauren for High Five for Friday ...

Last Saturday I went out for dinner and a movie. I saw Silver Linings Playbook. To be honest, I picked the movie just because Bradley Cooper is in it and he's hot. The movie started off slow, but it picked up pace and ended up being a pretty good movie.

Monday I went to Trader Joe's. I literally had 10 minutes to run in and find what I needed. Which I have now determined is not enough time! What a fun store! I want to go back when I have free time and just wander looking at all the organic food. So many options!

The reason I went to Trader Joe's was to get quinoa. My local grocery store carries it, but it is super expensive and I heard Trader Joe's has better prices. I've been trying to look for healthy grains to eat and I heard such good things about quinoa. My first experience with it was good and I look forward to experimenting with it more! Check out what I made for Meatless Monday here

I couldn't leave Trader Joe's without buying some of their beautiful flowers ....

I'm getting so excited for spring and have been dreaming of spring fashion. These arctic cold temperatures are not for me and I can't wait until I can wear cute clothes like these!

I hope everyone had a great week or at least can find some good in their week. Remember, every day might not be good, but there is good in every day.

Until next time~


  1. Trader Joe's is one of life's greatest pleasures. :) We can spend forever in that store. It is inexpensive, fun, and we are always finding great new stuff to try. We will never live an hour away from a TJ's again. Found you through the HFFF link up...I look forward to reading more!

  2. Me & the hubby loved Silver Linings Playbook for our date night!