Friday, January 25, 2013

High Five for Friday

Finally a new post! I've been silent on this blog for about two weeks now dealing with the death of my beautiful friend, Karen. Last Friday was the visitation and I struggled with trying to remember the good things about the week while my thoughts were so sad. But, I'm back and ready to get back into blogging!

Let's get on with this week's link up with Lauren and many other great bloggers for High Five for Friday ....

I keep looking at this shirt at Target and I finally just bought it. I love it - the color, the polka dots - and it just makes me happy. I'm such a fan of button down shirts; I think they're a good style for me so I had to have this shirt.

I treated myself to a manicure. I haven't had one in years and the salon near my house did a good job and the manicurist was super friendly! Now if only I could figure out how to afford these all the time!

Yesterday at the gym I ran. I despise running. Always have. However, I've been challenging myself to run on the treadmill for a few weeks now. I can usually go about 15 minutes then have to walk or jog for a couple of minutes before running again. Or I could do a slow pace jog for 20 minutes. However, yesterday I challenged myself just to run the whole time and I did it. No slowing down, no tiring out, I just ran. And I felt amazing when I finished!

I bought an iTunes card the other day and have been going a little crazy downloading music. I've had music from The Lumineers, Mumford & Sons, Joshua Radin and Lifehouse, among others, sitting in my wishlist for awhile now. However, I also bought a couple of songs by Bruno Mars. How am I just now falling in love with his music? He's amazing. One of my favorite songs is an older song of his, Just the Way You Are. How incredible would it be to find someone who feels that way about you??

And I just have to share a picture of my baby! It's been arctic cold here so we've spent lots of time cuddling up under blankets!

Speaking of the arctic cold .... This has been what our temperature has looked like since last Saturday night. Wind chills dipping around 20 to 30 below. Probably even lower than that. Proof that I live in the wrong state!!

I hope you all had a wonderful couple of weeks and remember to be grateful for the good things in life, even the smallest of victories!

Until next time~


  1. I literally just shivered looking at that temperature! Seriously this southern girl COULD NOT HANDLE THAT major props to you dear!
    Also a Target trip is in my future I have seen so many cute things form there recently!

    happy friday! stay warm!

    1. Thank you! I've lived in MN my whole life, but still hate the winters!

  2. Love the shirt!! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you! I can't wait to wear it out this weekend!

  3. LOVE your shirt! Your nails look great too! Happy weekend! :)

  4. Visiting from H54F. Oh how I adore your blog!

    I can't recall the last time I got a manicure.. seriously needing one, and a pedicure for that matter!

    Bruno Mars is amazing. I haven't been listening to his music long, but my two children have and they've got me hooked on it!

    1. I've never done the pedicure; I just can't get over the fact that a stranger will be touching my feet!

    2. Oh but Kristine, the first time you get one Oh MY GOSH... you will love it! Its just a little slice of heaven! I thought it would be weird as well, but seriously try it. \