Friday, January 11, 2013

High Five for Friday

Since I woke up yesterday thinking it was Friday, I am extremely happy that today is actually Friday! This week has seemed to drag on with all the sadness happening around me right now. I'm not sure the weekend will be better, but I know things will soon. 

Since it's finally Friday, time to link up with Lauren for High Five for Friday!

Last Sunday I was able to visit with Karen and say my goodbyes (read a little bit about that here). I feel as if I should go see her again, but at the same time I'm content with having been able to say goodbye. Here is a picture of my beautiful, strong friend (on the right) from a few years ago with another friend of ours and myself. 

Diane, Me and Karen

I receive a catalog from Nordstrom every once in awhile and as I flipping through it getting excited for spring and summer, I spotted these necklaces. I'm thinking of ordering them!

I finally went to the salon and got my hair done. I hadn't been since July!! Who waits that long??! I'm very lucky that ombre hair color is in and that I'm naturally a blonde so my roots weren't quite so noticeable! I got highlights and lowlights, and a slight trim. I'm still patiently growing my hair out so I asked that my stylist take off as little as possible at the ends. I love getting my hair done; it makes me feel so pretty! :)

These super pretty roses were delivered to my house by a super sweet someone this week. So beautiful!

I am incredibly thankful for my friends. On Wednesday when I was struggling the most, my friends took time out of their schedules and went out to dinner with me. I needed that so much; it provided a great distraction and for the first time all week, I slept well that night. That also might have been due to the margaritas! Thanks for being great friends, guys!!

Until next time~


  1. Love your High Five Friday posts!
    I remember taking that photo of you three lovely ladies at the RCA holiday party. <3s to all of you!

  2. Found you through H54F.

    Praying for you as you journey this difficult time :(