Friday, January 4, 2013

High Five for Friday

After receiving some very sad news yesterday, I'm having a tough time coming up with things to write in this post. I have a very heavy heart and my mind is definitely reflecting on other things. However, at the same time, it might be good to look back on my week and be grateful for the little things that make my life good. 

So, here are my top five things of this week to link up with Lauren for High Five for Friday ...

A belief in miracles. After hearing sad news yesterday, the only thing I have to hold on to is that miracles happen and hopefully this will be an instance where a miracle will happen. 

New Year's Eve. I had a blast on New Year's Eve with my friends. It was exactly the New Year's that I had wanted (minus one minor detail that I knew wouldn't happen in real life) and I hope my friends had fun as well!

My baby love even loved celebrating New Year's Eve!

Setting goals/ resolutions for 2013. I realize that there are two types of people regarding resolutions: people who make them and people who "don't believe" in them. I typically don't make them (because I forget about them a month later!), but this year I did, and I'm proud of it! I think goals of being in love, taking risks, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being happy are great resolutions!

Yes, this is what I'm looking for ...

Until next time~


  1. I agree with you 100% on the last image about love. couldn't have said it better myself. Hoping you find the peace you need after the sad news of yesterday.

  2. Found you through #H54F. Your puppy baby is so cute! Love the hat!

  3. hehehehhe I love the puppy photo :)