Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pretty Living Rooms

My last post shared with you what my living room actually looks like. (Check it out here!) However, as much as I say I'm content with it, there are so many things I want to change about it. I realize that I want my living room (and every room in my house) to look like the rooms on HGTV at the end of Property Brothers or House Crashers. Or have my room look perfect like those in a magazine or on Pinterest. I know that I can't do that, mostly due to budget, but a girl can still dream, can't she?

Here are a few of my favorite living room looks from the web:

From West Elm, pinned here.

From The Glitter Guide, pinned here.

 From Better Homes & Garden, pinned here.

Those are just a few examples of rooms I wish my living room looked like. As you can see, I like simple, clean, clutter free, comfortable rooms. I could spend all my money on decorating my house ... I want new end tables (or redo the current ones), curtains, artwork, a place to store my DVDs and Blu-Rays, etc. It's a never ending list! I'm trying to watch HGTV, look at Pinterest and magazines, search my favorite stores, with one thing in mind - my home doesn't have to be perfect. But I'm going to keep dreaming of how I wish it would look if money were no object!

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Monday, February 27, 2012

My Home: Living Room

I am OBSESSED with HGTV. I'm pretty sure my husband hates my obsession, because what that means is me getting ideas to re-do our house. I've gotten the bug to do many, many projects, and I thought I would share a little bit of our home updates with you. We do rent, and that means that many projects have to be little changes. Although I do have the bug to make bigger changes, I'm not sure it makes sense in the long run for us to make them in a house that doesn't belong to us. Even though I really, really, really want hardwood or wood laminate floors. And new countertops. And a kitchen back splash. (See, it's an addiction for me! I get started on one thing, and just want to keep going!) We were definitely blessed with finding amazing landlords who let us make some small changes to the house, and make it our home. (Along with a promise that I'll paint over anything they don't like when we move!) 

Our living room before was this weird peachy color that I hated. Okay, maybe not hated, but once I took the kitchen from red to gray, I really didn't like the peach color in the living room. In fact, it didn't even look peach until the red was gone! (You can see "before" shots in this post.) So, once we picked out new furniture, and before it got delivered, I painted the living room gray to match the kitchen. 
Same color to flow nicely since it's a small, open space.

I kept it fun with paining one wall a statement wall with stripes. Originally the TV was going to be centered on that wall, but with the placement of the furniture it just didn't work. Now, I'm struggling to make the decision to keep the stripes going to that little wall or just leave it as is.
Should I extend the stripes?

Our new furniture all has this pretty tufted look to it. Or as close to tufted as our budget would allow! And I love to accent with faux fur throws and pretty pillows.
Lamps, throw and pillows are from Pier 1. Couch, chair and ottoman from Ashley Furniture.

Our decor is pretty minimal now (as you can see by the big empty spot above our couch!), but I plan to add to it as I run across things that I love. I'm trying to stick with things that are white, silver or aqua blue.
 T is from Anthropologie, owl from Pier One, print is handmade from this template, deer antlers from my dad and I painted, and vase from West Elm.

Need to find the perfect artwork for that big, empty space!

We have beautiful bay windows at one end of the room and the next big project for me is to figure out how to hang curtains on them. I want curtains to help have a sense of privacy (important in a townhome community!), plus I think it would help the room seem more put together and complete. I've picked out curtains I like at West Elm, and now I'm saving up for them and searching for the best way to hang them.
Curtains are a definite must!

This mirror is one of my favorite things in the room. It's beautiful and I scored an awesome deal on it. I had the mirror hanging on the wall above the couch until one day it decided to fall off the wall and almost land on top of me. And it weighs about 1,000 pounds. So I decided it was best leaning against the wall! Which is why we have no artwork above our couch!
 I love the mirror against the stripes.

The living room is still definitely a work in progress. I'm learning that it doesn't have to look perfect right now, but that it reflects us - our style, and our way of living. I still have so much I want to add to it, and I'll keep adding as I find the perfect touches. And don't you think wood floors would look amazing in here?! 

Until next time~

Friday, February 24, 2012

High Five for Friday

I recently stumbled upon a fun blog called "From My Grey Desk" and every week Lauren has a blog dedicated to her top five things from the past week. I thought it would be fun to link up with her and add my top five things from this week! 

1. I finally bought an orchid. I've wanted one for years and was afraid I'd kill it. However, the tag promises its easy to care for, and I love how it brightens up the corner in my bedroom. 

2. Wednesday was National Margarita Day. My husband actually volunteered to take me out for a margarita after my friend had to cancel. Of course he was able to get half price wings so he was happy too while I got to enjoy my Perfect Margarita. Oh, and I won a round of Bargo!! 

3. I need this iPad case in my life. It fits me perfectly!! 

4. I designed my new blog header yesterday. I love it! Simple, uncluttered and pretty. Thanks to Kevin & Amanda for the pretty fonts! 

5. I received an unexpected surprise in the mail this week. It was just a simple card from my aunt (with a super cute puppy), but it brightened my day and made my week. She wrote on the inside of the card that she saw it and thought I would like so she had to send it. How sweet! Thank you so much Aunt Brenda!!!

I hope you all had a good week, and remember to be thankful for the little things in life! 

Until next time~

Thursday, February 23, 2012

What I've Been Up To

Winter is wearing down on me this year. We've even had a mild winter (for Minnesota) with very little snow, but still, I am ready for sunshine, warm days, grilling and being able to take the dogs out on long walks without layers of clothes. So, I've been MIA for awhile. Hibernating you could call it. But here are a few snippets of things I have done these last few months via Instagram:

Making felt rosette wreaths:

Baking red velvet cheesecake:

Going from red back to blonde

Decorating my home: (more to come on this later!)

And, of course, hanging with these guys:

Until next time~