Friday, December 14, 2012

High Five for Friday

It's Friday! Which means it's time to link up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk blog for High Five for Friday ...

Last Saturday my parents came to visit! They haven't been here in months, probably since early summer, so it was so nice to see them visit again. We went out to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, did a little shopping (seriously, my dad spent three hours in Cabela's!) and went through some stuff in my garage that I need to sell. And luckily my dad offered to buy most of it!! Guys and tools!

On Sunday we got hit with a major snowstorm. We got around 14 inches where I live. That is quite a bit of snow in one day! I don't exactly like the snow, but it looked pretty and I got this cute picture of Mercedes climbing on top of a snow bank!

This blog article on Though Catalog is amazing ... "The One Who Wants To Be With You." I find it extremely sweet and the contrast between someone who loves you and someone who doesn't is perfect.
"You deserve to be loved by someone who knows how to love you, specifically, and only you. You deserve someone that won't let your dreams stay locked away. You deserve to live them."

This year for Christmas I basically only have to buy for one person - my nephew. I bought the majority of his presents this week except one thing. He's really into Monster Trucks and has over 100 of them, but there are a few he still doesn't have. This week I have been to three Target stores looking for the ones he doesn't have and I can't find them. Do they sell different ones in different states?

I gravitate toward sequin mini skirts everywhere I go; I really want one! I wish I had somewhere to wear one. My Pinterest style board is full of them. These are a few of my favorites ... Maybe I can make plans for New Year's Eve and get one!!

Until next time~


  1. That snow is making me cold!!! It's been in the 60s here in NC. But it is getting a little colder today.

    Love that sparkly skirt. Make some plans and buy it!!

  2. I know what you mean about the sparkley skirts! I just love them! but i have no where to wear them either lol.
    Also, I am super jealous that you get snow where you live. I have to drive an hour for it.