Monday, December 10, 2012

Dear Santa ...

Dear Santa,
I've been an extremely good girl this year. I mean, let's be honest, I had opportunities to be naughty, but I always chose the nice girl route so I think that deserves some recognition. In case you need some ideas, here are the things that top my gift wish list this year ....

The iPhone 5
I need a new phone; my current one is slowly dying. As much as people try to convince me, I'm not sure I can switch to a Droid so an iPhone tops my list.

A Shopping Spree 
In case you didn't realize this, I recently lost almost 50 pounds and this girl needs new clothes! A few of my favorite stores include Victoria's Secret, The Buckle, The Loft, Forever 21 and even Target.

An Electric Blanket
I'm constantly cold this winter and an electric blanket would help me feel warm and cozy without having to turn my heat up. A side effect of losing the weight, maybe? I'm a little picky about colors; I would prefer cream, gray or brown please.

Love Script Ring
I bought one of these a few months ago and it's now too big for even my thumb. I like having the reminder to not give up on love. Size 6, please!

From Nordstrom

Ugg Boots
I know they're kind of ugly. But I live in Minnesota where there is over a foot of snow and freezing cold temps. These would keep my toes nice and toasty when running errands!

From Victoria's Secret

Nespresso Lattissma Plus Coffee Maker
I love coffee in the mornings and I'm getting bored with just plain coffee. I love my Keurig, but I like the option of making lattes!


A Coach Purse
I am in love with this pink purse! 

A Happy Holiday with My Family and Loved Ones
Truthfully, although presents are great, I just want a happy holiday this year. It's been a rough year, but I hope we have all moved past that and can be together in happiness and have some fun this Christmas. I want my family and loved ones to know that I love them and above all, just want to spend time with them this year. 

Thank you, Santa. I'll leave some cake bites for you by the tree!


  1. Electric blankets are the best. I have to have one on my bed or I get too cold at night too. I recommend a darker color because if it rests on the floor (like mine does) the edges can get dirty if your wood floors are dusty (again, like mine). Haha Maybe I should just keep the dust under my bed to a minimum and it wouldn't be a problem!

    1. Good point! I'm most likely to use it on my couch and with a dog that will be constantly in my lap and food, a darker color would be better than cream!