Monday, November 19, 2012

Surviving the {Food} Holidays

At the gym, I tend to "borrow" magazines that people leave there after they're done reading them. I'm not one to read a magazine while on the elliptical (I get too distracted) so I take the magazine home and return it the next day. (Is this wrong??) 

In every December issues I've read of Cosmo, Glamour and InStyle, I've noticed "How to Survive the Holidays" guides. Some are funny (such as how to survive the holidays without a boyfriend; yes, seriously this is an article) and some are informative (like how to survive the holidays on a strict budget). In many of the guides, there are pointers on how to survive the issue of food during the holidays. Being that these are fashion magazines, they assume everyone watches their weight and freaks out about food during this time that we're surrounded by more food and goodies than normal. Yes, those articles are written for people like me!

I hadn't really started to freak about food and weight until my mom asked me to bake the desserts for Thanksgiving. I hadn't really thought about it before then. But being "forced" to look at high calorie, sugar filled dessert recipes made me think about how I'm going to survive these next couple of months without gaining weight. I figure I better have an action plan set in place before going to my parents' house ... a place where people don't eat just salads for lunch and where meat and potatoes are a necessity at dinnertime. I haven't experienced a weight gain since I started losing weight, and I don't want to start now that I've hit my goal weight!

Here is how I'm planning on surviving the holidays food-wise ...

{Food} Holidays Survival Tips
1. Portion Control. 
Try a little bit of everything without overindulging. 
2. Enjoy Dessert. 
Without overindulging during the meal, you can enjoy a small piece of pie or some ice cream without guilt. (I will never advocate skipping dessert. Don't deprive yourself or you'll be more likely to overeat later. Plus, dessert is good for you (in moderation)!)
3. Get Moving. 
After dinner, don't just sit on the couch in a turkey coma, get out for a walk, play the Wii ... do something to move.
4. Don't Drink Your Calories. 
Enjoy a glass of wine or beer if you wish, but skip the ice cream drinks or sugary punch.
5. Change the Focus. 
The holidays don't have to be centered around food and the kitchen. Plan some games or other activities to do as well as cooking and eating; things that will be a good distraction from wanting to constantly eat. 
6. Enjoy Time with Your Family or Friends. 
That's what the holidays are really about, not about how many cookies you can fit on your plate. 

When you eat healthy the majority of the time, you can afford a couple of days off and just enjoy food rather than worrying about the calorie count and possible weight gain. So, my biggest tip (and the one I have to repeat to myself!) is to relax, and not worry about it so much!

Until next time~

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  1. Great tips! I also make sure to get a wide variety of dishes (especially vegetables)