Sunday, September 2, 2012

Why You're Beautiful

On Twitter, I follow Thought Catalog. The description of the account says "Thought Catalog is a place for relevant and relatable writing." I have read many articles that have been posted, and most that I choose to read are on the humorous side and I find them very funny. All of the articles are well written and might not apply to me, but I still enjoy reading them. 

Today, I stumbled on an article called "Why Your're Beautiful" written by Mila Jaroniec. I encourage you to read the whole article because it is wonderfully written, but this part of the article moved me. I felt like it applied so well in my situation, and wanted to share it on my blog as well ... 

 Why You're Beautiful 

You’re beautiful because you’re stronger than anyone thought. I didn’t think you were at first. I expected the pain of your wrecked relationship to eat you alive. I expected you to burst into tears spontaneously every day for the next decade, stop washing your hair and only smile faintly when someone asked how you were doing. I thought you would still be wearing the ring alone in your apartment, self-medicating to the point where it was no longer a #whitegirlproblem but an actual problem. But you pushed through it. You’re happy and healthy now, and you refer to yourself as “I” rather than “we.” I couldn’t be prouder of you....

You’re beautiful because you believe in things. Even when it’s easier to be cynical, skeptical, hyper-rational, you keep believing because you know believing in things is what makes them real. You’re beautiful for that reason, because you can do something lots of people can’t. I know I can’t. I admire you and sometimes I’m jealous.

You’re beautiful and you shouldn’t wait for someone else to tell you. You already know it, just see it.

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