Friday, September 14, 2012

High Five for Friday

Finally it's Friday!! It is definitely time to celebrate as I am looking forward to this weekend more than I've looked forward to a weekend in a long time. It's going to be a great weekend; I know it!!

But before I can get to the weekend, let's recap the highlights of my week for this week's link up with Lauren and many other great bloggers for High Five for Friday ...

I finally got the puppies in for their haircuts. They've desperately needed haircuts for a month or so now, but I've been avoiding it due to the cost. However, after spending two weeks at my parents' farm, I could no longer put it off. I love when they get haircuts - they look so cute after! I always wonder why I don't bring them more often, then I remember how expensive it is!

Before pics on the left, after on the right.

Last weekend I picked up a couple of new Scentsy scents. I picked up Sticky Cinnamon Bun and Baked Apple Pie. Just in time for the upcoming fall and holiday seasons! I wish the lady at the craft fair would have had more holiday scents, but these are good enough for now. I need to order more though because I LOVE holiday scents!!

With fall just around the corner, I decided that I need a new pair of boots. Actually, all I meant to do was wander around DSW for awhile trying boots on and not buy anything, but that just didn't happen! I stumbled upon these boots that are actually short booties and fit perfectly with my new skinny kick jeans that I've been wearing. They don't get bulky under the pant leg. After bringing them home, I wasn't sure about them anymore so I put a picture up on Facebook and everyone voted for me to keep them so they're staying!

This week I came one step closer to finishing a huge project at work that has been stressing me out. I feel such relief! It's not completely finished, but super close. I'm such a perfectionist, and I wanted to show everyone that I could do a great job with this project that I let the stress of that get to me. But now that the bulk of it is done, I can breathe a little easier and relax!

This past weekend was the start of football season (in case you didn't know), and although I have to admit I didn't watch the whole game, I watched the fourth quarter on of the Vikings game. They had such a tough season last year that I just didn't know what to expect. However, I'm glad I turned the TV on and watched the end of the game because it ended up being super exciting and they won in overtime!

I hope everyone had a fabulous week!
Until next time~


  1. what cute puppies! love your outfit too! have a great weekend!

  2. Your dogs are too cute! And I'm in LOVE with Scentsy!! Hope you like your new scents! =)