Friday, August 10, 2012

High Five for Friday

Friday - the end to another week! This week has just been a normal week. Nothing exciting. Hasn't flown by, but hasn't dragged. Typical. All I did was work, go to the gym and hang out with the puppies. I have busy plans for the weekend though!

Since it's Friday, it's time to link up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk for High Five for Friday. What are the five best things of this week??

Spending time with my family. Last Saturday was my dad's birthday so I went up there for the day to celebrate with him, my mom, my brother and nephew, my grandpa and more. My present to my dad was dark chocolate root beer cupcake bites and a case of beer. Yup, I'm a great daughter!! Also, this past Monday was my mom and dad's wedding anniversary. They've been married for 35 years! They are such an inspiration!

Cuddle time with the puppies. Tuesday I had to go the doctor for a routine yearly visit and it ended up being really frustrating for me. I had issues with the receptionist and my health insurance, I had to discuss Rod, our relationship and his death, and it ended with having to get a tetanus shot since I was way overdue (ouch!). What I thought was going to be a quick appointment, ended up lasting for over an hour. So I took some time out that afternoon to just have cuddle time with my puppies. They help turn my bad mood around!

Puppy cuddles!

Finding a great deal on a mirror for my bedroom. I have been searching for a new mirror for my bedroom since January or so. I wanted a big mirror to lean against the wall. I don't have a floor length mirror in there at all and have been using a mirror that the landlords left in the other bedroom that is only about four inches wide and has weird curves to it. I kept looking at mirrors at Home Goods, but couldn't find anything under $100. I finally found one that I liked on clearance! However, it's currently sitting in my garage because it's incredibly heavy!!! I need to find someone with more muscles than me to carry it up two flights of stairs.

Isn't it normal to have to check out your outfit in the garage??

The perfect fitting pair of jeans. A couple of weeks ago I picked up a pair of jeans from American Eagle because I didn't have a single pair that didn't fall off my hips. (Not a good look!) I tried them on in the store and thought they were cute, but after wearing them a couple of times, I am in love with them!! They are the skinny kick jean; a new fit they came out with this year. (They're pictured above.) I love how they're skinny all the way through and then flare out over the foot. I never thought I would like a skinny fit jean, but the flare at the bottom helps with that. I think they're very flattering on me!

Planning a master bedroom redo. This is how I'm keeping busy this weekend. I finally decided to bite the bullet and spend some money making over my bedroom. I haven't really liked my bedroom in a long time. It's full of hand me down furniture, bedding that's too large and nothing really matches. Some of what I want to do will have to wait for awhile due to my small budget, but I'm starting with painting, changing bedding and adding some new artwork. And my new mirror, of course! Look for my makeover blog this next week. I've been using this photo as my inspiration. So pretty!

Check out the bedroom here!

I hope you all had a wonderful week! 
Until next time~


  1. You look amazing and I love that mirror. What a great idea. Think I need to do that too!
    Nothing is better than making over a bedroom!
    Have a great week


  2. Hey!!!
    I found your blog through High Five for Friday and I am truly moved by your story. You are incredibly strong and you are in my thoughts!!!

    I ADORE those jeans, I am jean person and always have trouble finding the right ones, I may need to buy those!!!

    Have a nice weekend!!


  3. Great inspiration photo for your room.

    I love when I find the perfect jeans. Why must jeans be so hard to shop for?

    Stopping by from H54F.