Friday, August 3, 2012

High Five for Friday

This week has seemed to have flown by. It's Friday already?? Not complaining, but it doesn't seem possible. Where has my week gone? And since it's Friday, that means it's time to link up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk and many other great bloggers for High Five for Friday.

Let's get to it, shall we??

I finally got my order from Nordstrom. First, for a high end store, they have the slowest shipping ever. It took forever for my order to be shipped! However, once I received my goodies, I was very happy. I got a new iPhone case in this super cute chevron print and my love script ring. I am in love with this ring!

This dress I found at Target is so adorable! I was stressing on what to wear on my first date, and then I came across this little number and knew it was perfect. I love the colors and the fit. I paired it with some heels and my jean jacket for the perfect first date outfit.

I just found out that I get to go to Washington this month. I'm so excited! It's for work so I won't be able to sight see at all, but it will be fun to see some place new. I wish I had a few extra days to explore Seattle and visit a friend that lives out there, but I don't think that's going to happen. I'm happy to travel nonetheless.

I found out how amazing it feels when this happens. Seriously, if I could start every day with a text like this, I would be so happy. It put the biggest smile on my face.

Today was weigh in day and I lost another two pounds. Whoo-hoo!! I have only five more pounds to lose to hit my goal weight. Some days it's hard to believe; I still see myself as chubby when I look in the mirror. However, I did go shopping for a few new pieces of clothing this week and I had to buy size 3 shorts at Target and size 4 jeans at American Eagle. Somehow though, I don't see myself as being thin. I feel like I still have a long way to go before I can rock a bikini. 

I hope you all had a good week and have some things to be grateful for, even the small things. Enjoy your weekend!

Until next time~


  1. I love all the stuff you bought! May have to get that love ring for myself :)

    1. It's a beautiful ring and it cost $26 or $28 so not too bad. Plus, they have free shipping!

  2. I love the dress!! Its adorable! And congrats on the weight loss! I am the same way with my weight...can totally relate!! Found you via High 5 for Friday! Love your blog! :)

    Rebecca, Mommy in Heels

    1. Thank you! I look forward to checking out your blog as well!

  3. i love that ring and that dress - so cute! hope your date goes well!!

  4. I wanted that dress from Target, but none of them near me had it in stock in my size. And the iPhone case is adorable! Stopping by from the H54F linkup!

  5. Sounds like you need to start rocking that 'kini before summer is over! Get on that! Woohoo!

  6. Aww I'm so glad someone said that to you - you deserve it! Great buys too btw :)
    I found you on the high-five-for friday and have become your newest follower xo