Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Somedays I Hate Shopping

This past week I had to embark on a dreaded shopping trip (yes, those do exist) ... I had to find a swimsuit. Ewww.

The last bathing suit I bought was probably four years ago and has only been worn about three times. Only once in an extremely public place. I hate wearing a swimsuit!! But, I really needed to get one with my mini vacation and a boat outing coming up soon.

I had a few style ideas in mind. However, after trying on suit after suit, I just couldn't find any that I liked. 
My thighs looked too big. 
It didn't cover my chest enough. 
Seriously, my boobs would pop out of that one. 
Do they still make those bathing suits that go down to almost your knees?? I need one of those. 

No matter what, I couldn't find one that I liked enough to buy. Honestly, I just didn't like my body enough to be able to find one that I liked. So, after trying on about 10 suits on Saturday, I came home empty handed.

Last night I decided to try again. I was feeling a little bit better about myself. I had just gotten my hair done and that always helps with self-confidence. I tried on about 10 suits again at a couple of different stores. I tried as hard I could to not hate on my body while trying on the suits. I kept focusing on the things that I do like about my body now rather than focusing on the things I still don't like. And in the end, that really helped me be able to find a suit. 

And I finally bought one!!

From JCPenney

I'm not saying I'm going to feel incredibly awesome in it. I still wish I had the perfect bikini body. And I'm sure I'll feel incredibly self-conscious the first few times I wear it. But I am proud that I found a suit I liked. I'm happy that going to the gym has helped me find good things about my body; things I'm not embarrassed to show anymore.

Now, I just need to keep the positive self talks going while wearing my swimsuit next to my co-workers in a couple of weeks with their perfectly slim bodies!

Until next time~

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