Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Musings

Last week I traveled for work and with no internet connection in my hotel room, I missed my High Five for Friday post. So, I thought I would post it today as Monday Musings instead!

(And seriously, how did my co-worker who was just down the hall have wireless internet and not me???)

Today is a very special birthday in my house - Happy Birthday, Mercedes!! I love this puppy so much and will spoil her crazy today! If it weren't 100 degrees out, I would bring her somewhere fun like PetSmart and buy her treats and toys, but I think the car would not be a good place for her today.

First bath the day we brought her home!
Sleepy puppy.

She was such a cute puppy!
And she's still cute today!
Last Friday night I went out with my co-worker and stayed out until after 1 a.m. I can't remember the last time that happened! I had so much fun.

Carrie and me hanging out and having fun!

Do other people have random conversations like this? Yes, Amber and I are weird. Maybe a little mean to some of you. But seriously, the guy sunbathing without his shirt on is well into his 60's and spends his day drinking beer and watching TV. Only guys who look like Ryan Gosling should be running around without a shirt on. And can guys who do look like Ryan Gosling come live around me???

I officially have no clothes to wear. Okay, I have a few things. But all of my jeans, shorts, t-shirts and even sweatpants are falling off me. This is not a bad problem. Except I don't have money for a whole new wardrobe! I did end up picking up a couple of things including a pair of size 6 skinny jeans. Again ... size 6 skinny jeans. Crazy!! Isagenix definitely works!

Lauren Conrad from Kohls. The only line I buy from there!

Wednesday is Independence Day! It's going to hot and humid here I'm sure. Beer might be necessary. And I hope to find something fun to do. Somewhere to wear my cute blue star tank I picked up at Target. How do you celebrate?

Until next time~

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