Monday, July 23, 2012

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 3

Happy Monday! I don't typically blog over the weekends, so I'm continuing on with my 30 Day Blog Challenge with day three today. This one is definitely causing me to think. I have many things that can annoy me depending on my mood and the day, but to have to pick out the things that always annoy me is a little bit of a challenge. Maybe... or maybe when I start writing I will find out that this is the easiest post to write!

Day 3: What are your top 5 Pet Peeves?

1. People who always have to one up me or be in competition.
I'm not talking about people sharing similar experiences when you're having an issue or telling a story. I'm talking about saying that you're not feeling well, and someone saying "yeah, well me either and I feel worse." Sometimes it's okay if just I'm the one who is sick or is experiencing an issue. Just give me a hug, say sorry and leave it at that.

2. People who are intentionally rude.
I'm pretty sure I take the whole Minnesota nice thing a little too seriously. I always say "sorry" if someone runs into me like it's my fault and try to please everyone. So when someone is intentionally rude to me, I have issues. 

3. Grammatical errors.
I realize that no one is perfect. We all make mistakes when writing. Me included. Especially if I'm typing on my iPad or iPhone. But there are those errors that drive me crazy. Like saying "I'm board" instead of "I'm bored." Or not using the correct they're, there and their.

4. Using pictures of your baby as your Facebook profile picture.
This one might bring me some haters, but just hear me out! I've had many people who have requested me as a friend and the only picture I can see of them is this chubby cheeked baby. How the heck am I supposed to know who that is? Or worse, if someone has a picture of a baby as their profile then talk about how they spent the whole night drinking and are hungover. Bad message to link with that cute picture of a baby! I'm sure your baby is adorable and perfect, but please stick your head in the shot too so we can make a connection.  

Yes, I realize that if I had a baby I might feel a little differently about this. But I don't, and I wouldn't just use my dogs as my profile picture. Maybe a picture of me & my dog, but not just my dog.

5. Crumbs on the counter.
Over the years, I have noticed that I'm starting to get a little OCD with my house being clean. I hate having a mess. I want everything where it belongs. The worst offense is crumbs left on the counter. Seriously, it's not difficult to take the dish rag and wipe off the counter after you make a sandwich or toast. And don't just wipe the crumbs on the floor!! 

So there you are. The top five things that annoy me. I realize it's pretty easy to think of things that annoy me, especially on a Monday morning!

Until next time~

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