Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Artwork!

I have been staring at this big, empty spot above my couch for months now. I had previously bought a mirror to go above it shortly after I painted the living room gray, but the mirror was too heavy and couldn't hang on the wall. I had originally thought I would just watch for some artwork or piece to hang in the spot, but I just couldn't find something that I loved. I didn't want my living room to look like someone else's with the same artwork; I wanted it to be different, and to reflect me. So, I decided to make my own.

I found the inspiration on Pinterest (of course!), and went directly to the blog to see how she did it. I loved her original piece, and thought it would be fun to recreate with my own color scheme, and on a much grander scale.

So off to Jo-Ann's I went with a bunch of coupons. I picked up a big canvas, lots of scrapbook paper in shades of gray and silver with texture and, of course, some sparkle. (I had to have sparkle!) I also picked up a circle punch out cutter and spray adhesive. 

Once I got home I started to punch out the circles. I then starting laying them out on the canvas to make sure I was making enough circles, and the final step was gluing them on. Here is where it got messy. I'm sure there is an easier way to do it than I did, but because I had previously laid out my circles, I had to spray each circle individually and then place it where I wanted it. I got glue everywhere - I glued together my fingers, got some in my hair and all over the plastic and newspaper I laid down (which I highly recommend; you don't want to wreck your floor or table!). I eventually put on gloves so my fingers wouldn't get so sticky! But the end result is exactly what I had hoped for ...

I chose variations of gray and silver with lots of texture.
Here's how it looks in the room.

It's perfect for me - unique, modern and sparkly. Isn't it fun?

Until next time~


  1. it looks awesome! i pinned the gold one too and have been thinking about doing it for a while but i didn't think about doing different colors/shades! great idea!