Friday, April 20, 2012

High Five for Friday


It's Friday!! Which means it's time to link up with Lauren over at From My Grey Desk for the weekly High Five for Friday link party. After getting a rocky start, this week ended up being a pretty good week overall for me.

1. I sold my husband's car!! I really do like this car, it's a Volkswagen Passat, but there is no way I can afford two cars. Also, two cars is completely unnecessary. I knew selling it would lift a huge weight off my shoulders, and it certainly did! Plus, Amber picked me up at the dealership and we went out for dinner again with some much needed girl talk!

Dogs are NOT included in the sale of this car!
2. I found a wonderful new beauty product at Ulta this week. I've been wanting to try a body scrub for a really long time, and I picked up this one from Tree Hut for only $7.49. I used it for the first time this morning and I love it! The smell is amazing!! I now want to find the lotion and body wash with this same scent.

Scent: Hawaiian Kukui

3. Spring and summer fashion is out in all the stores, and I've been falling in love with dresses. I need to find reasons to wear them more often so I can indulge in some of these beauties!

From Anthropologie
From Anthropologie
From The Loft

4. This week I've been finding joy in cooking again. I'm actually eating real meals, not just cereal and popcorn! I made a delicious chicken sandwich meal with fresh mozzarella one night, and my go-to favorite last night of tacos. I love being able to add tons of fresh veggies to my meals and lots of spices - things my husband wouldn't touch.

5. I'm working on forgiving myself and releasing some of the pressure I've been putting on myself since I lost my husband. It's hard, but I need to start living.

Until next time~



  2. you have done an awesome job this week in my opinion! and i'm equally obsessed with that first dress from anthropologie! it's so pretty!

  3. Congratulations on deciding to start living, that's a huge step! Also, on a much lighter note, that Loft dress is fabulous. I own it but hadn't seen it paired with a belt. Definitely pulling that on next time I wear that dress. :)

  4. I nominated you for the Liebsters Blog Award - please come to my blog and read the post about it! :-) have a great day!