Friday, March 23, 2012

High Five for Friday

I think now, more than most weeks, I need to be reminded of the little things in life that I'm thankful for this week. Every day is such a struggle for me (read why here and here), but there are bright spots in this time of sadness. So, today I'm linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk for her weekly High Five for Friday

1. On Tuesday, my lovely friend and neighbor Amber and I went out for drinks and dinner at Acapulco. Night time is the toughest time for me right now, and it was great that she got me out of the house. Plus, I love going out for margaritas and Mexican food!

2. This week's New Girl episode made me laugh hysterically. I didn't watch the episode until Wednesday night, and Wednesday was a very sad day for me, so laughing out loud at New Girl was very therapeutic. I loved the whole episode, but my favorite part was with the Japanese toilet spraying at her - hilarious!! If you haven't checked out this show, I highly recommend it. It plays on Fox.


3. I went back to work this week after having the last two weeks off. It's nice to be busy during the day and start to get settled into a routine again.

4. For the first time in my married life, I went and got the oil changed in my car. My husband was planning on taking it in on that Monday so it never got done. The oil change light had been on for awhile, so I figured I should probably suck it up and take it somewhere. I found a coupon for a local business and brought it in. It wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it would be, and I bought myself hot pink carnations as a reward!

5.  Yesterday I decided to treat myself to a trip to the salon and get my highlights touched up and got an inch of yucky ends cut off. I was super overdue for highlights and a hair cut. I usually stretch it out for about eight weeks, but it's been 11 due to everything going on and I figured it was about time I went. I, of course, cried telling my stylist what had happened, but she was so nice and gave me a huge discount! People are so amazing!

I hope everyone can find the good things in life and always remember to be thankful for them no matter how small!

Until next time~

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