Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Owl Cake Pops and Meeting Bakerella

HELLO!! I have been gone from my blog for way too long. I apologize for being such a bad blogger. I am back and will keep coming back with new posts! I just need to keep reading other blogs for inspiration in baking, fashion, photography and all other things cute and sweet.

Today's inspiration co
mes from meeting one of my blogging idols over the weekend ... Bakerella!! She was at Williams-Sonoma in Edina and I went to listen to her FAQ session and get my cookbook signed. I loved meeting her! She is so pretty and such a delight. She had great tips on cake pop making and showed off her favorite tools to use. So far my favorite tip she gave is to mix candy coating with vegetable oil to thin it out. I've tried shortening and all I get are clumps of shortening in my chocolate. The oil trick works like a charm!

Look at how pretty she is!

And here is my cookbook signed. Exciting!

Meeting her inspired me to make cake pops. I've always been attracted to her owl cake pops on the cover of the book, and with Halloween just around the corner I decided to make those.

I started with my favorite cake - root beer - and mixed it with chocolate frosting. I shaped the owls starting with a triangle shape, then stuck chocolat
e chips on the top for the ears. At this point I was starting to lose hope. They just looked like triangles with ears! But I kept going.

I next dipped the pops into the chocolate almond bark. Because I didn't have a styrofoam block, I stuck the popsicle stick in the top of the owl and flattened out the bottom so they would stand up. The eyes are actually made with Smarties and I filled in the inside of the eyes with a chocolate candy pen. Bakerella uses candy necklace pieces, but I couldn't find any of those at any of my local stores. The noses and feet are sprinkles, and the wings are
mini M&Ms. I attached them all with just small dabs of the candy coating. And in the end, I got adorable owl cake pops.

How cute are these??!!

I am in LOVE with these owl cake pops. They turned out so much better than I even imagined I could do. Yes, they take awhile to make. However, I think the time spent is worth it for how cute they look. And for how delicious they taste. I love them!!

Here's another pictur
e I took last night with my iPhone. (Please excuse the quality. It was cloudy and raining.)

Here is the link to Bakerella's site to show you how to make cake pops.
Here is the link to the root beer cake recipe.

Now I'll have to fig
ure out what to make next. I see Bakerella has turkey cake pops and lots of different cake pops for Christmas. Like snowmen. So many choices!

Until next time~

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