Monday, August 1, 2011

Wanted: Fashion

There has been periods in my life that I have loved fashion - have loved looking at clothes, going shopping and getting dressed up. Lately though, I have been anti-fashion. Not as in hating fashion, but just not really participating. I haven't enjoyed shopping at all and have been buying for comfort rather than looking cute. I've been sticking to sweats, t-shirts and jeans over cute dresses and tops. I blame this partly on working from home. What's the point of dressing up if the only people who are going to see me are my dogs and my husband? They don't care how I dress. (Yes, I just referred to my dogs as people. And no, my husband does not care how I dress ... well, at least that's what he claims.)

However, I recently have been drawn back to the fashion world. I attribute this new found fashion love to these website: Sterling Style and The Glitter Guide. I love how Taylor has a "look" and "style" about her every day, and how she always looks put together. Through her site, I have been drawn to numerous clothing sites with clothes that I feel the need to add to my wardrobe. I want a style, and a look again. One that doesn't involve sweatpants.

Here are some of my favorite pieces that I'm currently coveting:
Truly Yours Strawberry Dress from Mod Cl
oth (this site has so many clothes I want - I love the vintage vibe they have!)

Jump Romper from Hallelu

Pixel Impressionist Shift from Anthropologie

Michael Stars Halter Maxi at Bloomingdale's

And my favorite (if I won the lottery or something!) is the
Flaubert Floral Print Silk-Crepe Maxi Dress at Net-a-Porter

Now if only I had a reason to buy them and a place to wear them!

Until next time~

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