Friday, June 17, 2011

Random Friday Thoughts

Today has been a tiring day. I just feel drained. So, in lieu of a baking post, here are some of my few favorite shots from my phone camera over this last week:

Pink and white carnations ... I love them all bunched together in a simple glass.

My tomato plant is actually growing tomatoes! I picked up a patio tomato plant on the spur of the moment while flower shopping to help feed my love of tomatoes and it might actually produce some. Hopefully it will be a success story!

My new hat. Fedoras are so "in" right now that I didn't want to succumb to the trend. However, I loved this hat on me and caved into trying to be cool! I picked it up at J. Crew. I deemed it as a necessity purchase since I have to protect my pretty new hair color from the sun!

And that brings me to my last picture. I dyed my hair red!! I've been light blonde forever, but decided I needed a change. So red it is!! I love it. I feel as if I am meant to be a redhead. However, I'm afraid of the upkeep and am so afraid it's going to fade to orange. It is already starting to fade, but the salon I got it done at will redo it for me since it's only been a week and a half free of charge. Thank goodness because I don't want to go back to blonde; I love, love, love the red!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! Until next time~

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