Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Cookies: Rolo Stuffed Chocolate Cookies

What do you do when over 12 inches of snow fall on your doorstep that's followed by below zero temperatures? Of course you'd be happy for a snow day (even though it's Saturday) and be glad that you (somewhat) have all necessary ingredients and do some holiday baking!

So far I've only made holiday cupcake pops (in my new favorite flavor - peppermint vanilla!) for a cookie exchange. Not too much holiday baking yet for me! I started to go through my usual holiday recipes, and none of them sounded like much fun. Primarily because most of them didn't allow me to use my brand spankin' new KitchenAid mixer I got for my birthday!! It's red, and beautiful, and was begging to be used on the snowy weekend. I decided to check out s
ome of my favorite blogs for new Christmas cookie recipes and found several I wanted to try. I printed out all the recipes, and picked the one that I had all the ingredients on hand for to bake. However, my husband decided to weigh in with an opinion on the recipe assortment and pick the one he wanted me to make first.

Let me just clarify that we just had a major snowstorm that dumped a foot or more of snow. The roads were just being cleared out, and the wind chills were well below zero. I planned on picking something that I had all the necessary ingredients, however, when you let you husband pick out a recipe, he'll undoubtedly pick out the one recipe that you don't have everything for!

No way was I going out in the cold! So I turned to him and gave him my sweetest smile and said "I would love to make you some cookies because I love you! Can you please go out in the snow and cold to pick up some Rolos and brown sugar? Pretty please?!" He of course couldn't say no; I was making the cookies he wanted! So he bundled up and headed out. Then 20 minutes later it was time to get my KitchenAid mixer whirling and bake some cookies!

My husband picked out a recipe for Rolo Stuffed Chocolate Cookies that Jamie from My Baking Addiction posted on her site. They looked so good with caramel oozing out of the centers! I was not disappointed. These cookies were easy to make, and smelled so good as they were baking. To make mine more Christmas themed, I topped the cookies with red and green sugar sprinkles. Very festive I thought! The best part is that they tasted exactly as good
as I imagined! The perfect combination of chocolate with a caramel center. The perfect addition to my holiday baking list! I hear we're getting more snow in the next couple of days so it will be a good excuse to do some more holiday baking and finish up wrapping my presents!

Here's the link if you're looking for a delicious cookie to add to your holiday baking: http://www.mybakingaddiction.com/holiday-recipe-exchange-rolo-stuffed-chocolate-cookies/

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