Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Goals

As 2010 fades into a memory everyone starts to think ahead to 2011 ... what they want to accomplish, the good things hopefully in store, putting this year in the past.... I haven't really made New Year's resolutions in a long time since I don't normally keep them. (Honestly, does anyone ever really keep them? If so I want to know their secret!) This year, however, I want to make a list of goals I hope to accomplish throughout 2011. And by posting it here on my blog, I will have all my readers (do I have any??) to help me stay on track to reach my goals!

Goal 1: Take a Cooking Class
I've always wanted to take one and now that we live in an area where these actually exist rather than in the middle of nowhere it's my goal to find a class that sounds interesting and actually do it! I want to keep exploring new menu items in the kitchen to spice up our weekly menus and a cooking class would be a great place to learn.

Goal 2: Explore Photography
This past year I splurged on a digital SLR camera and I love it, but I'm sure I don't utilize properly and I definitely don't understand all that I can do with it. I want to learn though. I figure there's a community ed class or somewhere online that can teach me. Otherwise I'll never know exactly what to do with it!

Goal 3: Host a Party or Get-together
My husband and I always talk about having people over, but we never actually go through with any plans. This year, party time at our house!! At least a fun dinner party where I could make what I learn in my cooking class I'm going to take!

Goal 4: Save Money
Boring goal I know!! But a necessary one. There are so many things that come up that I wish I had money for so this year is time to open up a savings account again and put money in it every month for emergencies or even a rainy day.

Goal 5: Take a Vacation
Funny that goal 4 is save money followed by taking a vacation that will require money. Good thing I'm going to start saving! We haven't been on a vacation since our honeymoon back in 2006; I think it's time we deserved to take one. It doesn't even need to require expensive airline tickets, just get out somewhere new for a week and have some fun!

Goal 6: Have Date Nights
I think my husband and I would also benefit from a date night. A night to get at least a little bit gussied up (at least get out of the sweats for a few hours!) and go out on the town - dinner, a movie, a play, a baseball game, etc. - just away from the dogs for a few hours and reconnect.

Goal 7: Be Healthier
This is not a "lose weight" or "diet" resolution. This is just an overall be healthy goal - eat the recommended five fruits and veggies a day, eat whole grains more, take up pilates or yoga again, continue taking the dogs for a walk, incorporate fitness into my every day life somehow. I don't want to diet; I love food and baking, and being able to explore recipes without restrictions (other than no onions!) so no diets. If I lose weight by eating healthier and getting in some exercise, that would just be a great benefit. I just want to feel healthier.

Goal 8: Keep Finding What Makes Me Happy
This past year has brought many struggles, but also lots of happiness in my life. One thing that has made me super happy is finding a place to live that didn't suffocate me as I was feeling just a year ago. For 2011 I want to keep finding out what makes me happy ... in my career, in my home life, in my hobbies, in my family ... and living this happier life. You only live once, and I want to make the best of my life by being happy and fulfilled. I'll continue on this quest this year, and many years to come!

There they are ... my eight goals for 2011. I think it's enough, and I think I have some things in there that will challenge me. I will of course keep posting some of baking creations here on my blog and writing since those things make me happy!

Thanks to 2010 for being a year that brought positive changes to my life even through all the struggles and tears. Here's hoping that 2011 will be even better!!

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