Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chocolate Ganache and M&M Cookies

As you know, I recently moved to a new house. And as you might have read in a previous post (or two!), I love chocolate chip cookies, but my old oven in my old house did not. I tried recipe after recipe, and almost every one of them failed. I mean burnt cookies, flat as a pancake cookies, raw in the middle with burnt edges cookies - all not edible. I almost gave up, but found a few that would work, but weren't the greatest cookies in the world. I couldn't wait to test my new oven out and see if I could make chocolate chip cookies in it so I could continue my search on finding the perfect chocolate chip cookie.

This time around however, I didn't want just plain chocolate chip cookies (boring!) so I thought I would try a recipe that I saw on the Sing for Your Supper blog ( for Chocolate Ganache Stuffed Cookies. Basically, you mix up a batch of chocolate chip cookies minus the chocolate chips and make chocolate ganache to "fill" the middle so when you bite into the middle you get a gooey chocolate center. It sounded so delicious!

For the base of the cookie I tried a recipe that failed before in my old oven. I had high hopes for it before because the dough tasted so, so good. And the recipe promised thick, puffy, chewy cookies - my favorite things in a chocolate chip cookie. Once again the dough tasted incredibly yummy so I kept my fingers crossed as it marinated overnight that it would turn out this time. I wanted to try those delectable cookies!

The next morning I mixed up the ganache (chocolate chips and heavy cream) and let it chill for about two hours. Then I started making the cookies. First, I started the way the directions instructed. I made a flat disk then spooned the ganache on top, then made another disk for the top and tried to roll it. Operative word "try". I just had a big, slimy mess!

Rather than giving up on the whole thing and making plain cookies, I tried it my own way. I rolled the dough as normal, used my thumb to put an indent in the middle of the ball, filled the indent with ganache and then made a little topper for it out of flattened out dough and sealed the edges. Then, because I like a little crunch with my cookie, I added some M&Ms on top.

I did a few test cookies at first to find out how long they should bake, and if they'd even work. The result? Success for the cookie turning out and not burning or going flat! However, the ganache kept seeping out of the cookie. I don't really know how to fix this problem so I just kept going as I was. I think they look kind of neat with the ganache coming out of the top!

After all of them were baked, I had very few that didn't leak the ganache. However, I think they all taste really good. There's still ganache in the center of most of the cookies so you have this gooey, chocolate center. I also like the crunch the M&Ms added. The original recipe calls for sea salt on top, but I'm not into the salt on my cookies thing. I just like the sweetness!

The chocolate chip recipe I used came from here and I highly recommend it. Great tasting cookies!

Here's the recipe for how to put together the cookies to be "filled" with ganache. Good luck!

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  1. Sorry you couldn't make these work. They take lots of patience and a very gentle hand. Also, I would've chosen a cookie dough that you're familiar with and have had success with in the past. If it failed before in your old oven chances are, it might not work for this recipe. Better luck next time.
    Nevertheless, the still look yummy. I like the addition of the M&M's!