Sunday, June 6, 2010

Red, White and Blue Cupcakes

I'm posting this about a week late. I meant to post it closer to Memorial Day, but I never got around it! Here is what I made for Memorial Day~ Red, White and Blue Cupcakes!

I started off with making pumpkin streusel cupcakes. I did pumpkin flavored cake, a layer of cinnamon sugar streusel, another layer of cake, then topped it off with the streusel again. They looked so pretty at this point I didn't think they needed frosting!

But I couldn't decorate them for the holiday without some frosting so I made a cream cheese frosting. Yum! I think this might become one of my favorite frostings. I would use it more often if I didn't have to keep it refrigerated, but it sure tastes good. I just don't like the taste of cold cupcakes, but the frosting might have made the cold cupcake worth it!

Luckily, I made some extra frosting so I'm storing it in the freezer for something else. Not sure what, but I'm sure I'll make something soon that will need a dollop of cream cheese frosting! It would taste good on graham crackers or as on topping on fresh berries, or maybe I can make those cinnamon rolls I've been dying to try and use the frosting on top ... so many yum
my ideas!

I covered the cupcakes with the frosting, used some red, white and blue sprinkles, then topped them off with a candy star I made earlier in the day from candy melts and star candy molds. Perfect way to commemorate the holiday!

Now I might have to go and thaw out that cream cheese frosting it sounds so good right now ...

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