Sunday, May 2, 2010

How I Hate My Oven, but Love Chocolate Chip Cookies

Like I said in a previous post, my oven and I have a frustrating, issue-filled relationship. It's overly hot, and I learned from many bad experiences that it's at least 30 degrees hotter than what it should be. I once put in an oven thermometer, and it said it was around 100 degrees hotter than it should be (yikes!), but I don't really believe that. I think the oven thermometer was wrong. That's what I get for buying a $3 thermometer! However, I might try it again some day soon to see if it still says that.

The biggest issues with m
y oven come to light during my chocolate chip cookie baking attempts. I can cook cakes, cupcakes, brownies, sugar cookies and chocolate pudding cookies with no to little issues. I just turn the oven down around 30 degrees cooler than the recipe calls for, and check the baking items a few minutes before time is up. A few times I've burned some things or have had other issues, but none compare to the issues I have with chocolate chip cookies!

I have been making chocolate chip cookies for years with my mom and grandma. When I was younger and made them at home, the cookies would always turn out perfectly. Nice and fluffy, never flat. In our first home, the cookies also turned out well.

However, now that we've moved into this home, my cookies always burn on the pan after 5 minutes with a raw center, and turn super brown, almost black. I have tried numerous recipes including the one I grew up with, the one on the back of the Tollhouse chocolate chips, quite a few recipes other bloggers have posted and on and on. All with pretty much the same results ... dark b
rown on the outside, raw insides and flat as a pancake. Not what I want out of my chocolate chip cookies! I have thrown so many batches of cookies away it's ridiculous! I don't understand what is really wrong with the recipes so I blame it on the oven. What else could it be? I use fresh ingredients always, and add more flour so the dough isn't sticky. Nothing has really helped.

I still love chocolate chip cookies however, and every few months will get an itch to try another recipe to find one that works. This time around I did a Google search on why cookies are flat. Most people said to use fresh ingredients or add more flour - all which I do already. Then I read one that said to use part butter and part shortening. Okay, haven't tried that. I then read that using baking powder along with baking soda can help. I searched and found a recipe on All Recipes that filled this list.

The cookies actually came out well! They looked light golden brown, and didn't turn out flat as a pancake. There was shape to the cookie!! They also didn't burn to the pan - score for this recipe! I found a chocolate chip cookie recipe that made pretty cookies in my oven!!!

The only thing lacking for me on this recipe is the taste. I feel as if something is off on th
e taste, or that's missing something. I think next time I'll try adding an extra egg, and also use butter flavored shortening instead of regular shortening. Maybe those changes would help. However, I think I'm going to stick with this recipe as a base to build on!

I wonder if I use a vanilla instant pudding mix if that would help me out since I have such good luck with my Chocolate Pudding Cookies. Maybe something to try next time!

If you have any ideas for me on why my cookies aren't turnin
g out, please share your thoughts. I'm open to ideas on how to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie! Actually, I'm begging for help! ;o)

Here's the link to the recipe I used. Feel free to share what you would change to make the recipe taste better to get the best tasting chocolate chip cookies:

Aren't they pretty???!!

P.S. If you're mother-in-law, please realize that I don't actually hate this oven that's part of your lovely home that you've allowed us to stay in as you live in beautiful Arizona. I just have this strange, love-hate relationship with it. It's very temperamental and I have hard time figuring out how to adjust all my recipes for it's moods. But I love that it works, it cooks my food, and it bakes my goodies! Thank you for letting me live here and use your oven. ;o)


  1. Tina MeierhoferMay 2, 2010 at 7:48 PM

    Kris those cookies look amazing! I love to bake too! I make all kinds of things, usally just making up my own recipies. I dont measure alot I just I like your blog.. Im not shur why your cookies would do that, I found out the trick to keeping them soft and not burt was the hole raw in the center thing so if your doing that im not shure. My sugetions is Vanilla! I put it in everying! it's worth a shot! If i have time I will try your recipie you have here and let you know how mine turn out! I'm kinda bussy with all my little money's trying to "HELP" witch is not so helpfull! But I'm always up for a new baking adventure.. Miss ya Tina (Roberts) Meierhofer

  2. Very nice blog! I still think you need to quit your job and open a bakery - if they taste as good as they look, you'd have a great business. I don't have any suggestions on your oven issue, but if you find a good chocolate chip cookies recipe with oil rather than shortening, please post it. I have one, but it doesn't taste as good as the shortening recipes that I'm trying to avoid.
    Your MI cousin - Becky

  3. Like Becky, we avoid shortening here, too. Haven't had any in the house for over 15 years (geez, I'm old), and rarely used before that. I use strictly butter in most cookies. Although coconut oil would be an interesting alternative, too. I'll admit I don't have a certain go-to recipe. I freeze dough balls and bake them whenever we want cookies. They work well in the big oven, but turn out overcooked on the outside and raw in the middle if I use the toaster oven.

    I got a good chuckle out of your 'ps'. Hilarious! You should write a book!

  4. I'm so excited to get comments!!! Thank you all! I also want to avoid using shortening; I rarely use it. I love using butter in cookies, but I have to keep looking for a recipe that will work well. I have heard to refrigerate your dough overnight and that will help with spreading.

    Thanks for reading!