Sunday, March 21, 2010

Butterfly Cupcakes

Happy Birthday Mom!

I wanted to make something special for my mom for her birthday this year. I didn't just want to do a boring cake. A few months back I picked up a book titled Hello, Cupcake! and found the perfect thing ... monarch cupcakes! The weather is just starting to turn spring-like here in Minnesota and I thought I'd stick with a spring theme over a birthday theme.

I started off with making white cupcakes with sprinkles added in for more of a birthday flair. Then, I used a chocolate filling and filled the cupcakes. This was my first time filling cupcakes. I thought it was really easy, and it upped the yummy factor in the cupcakes! I made an x on the top of each cupcake, and stuck a pastry bag tip inside the cupcake and just filled until the filling starting coming out on top. The filling is made from marshmallow creme, powdered sugar, butter and cocoa. Yum, yum!!!

Then, I made a buttercream type frosting with marshmallow creme that I found online. I tinted it yellow just like in the cupcake book. I thought the frosting tasted pretty yummy, not too sweet. It's just butter, marshmallow creme, powdered sugar and some milk to thin it out a little. I piped on the frosting to help the butterflies stand up better.

The butterflies are just made from candy melts. I printed off the template from the book and made each butterfly wing on wax paper. I actually made the wings two days in advance and kept them in a container until the party day. These took me quite awhile to make. I made a few and didn't like them, so I started over. I'm glad I did though because some broke when putting them on the cupcakes! I do think the butterflies turned out super cute. I tried doing antennae as well, but those didn't work when I tried putting them on the cupcake. The cupcake was too small for the wings and antenna! The body of the butterfly is just a cut up Tootsie Roll. I didn't have any chocolate frostin
g that would work! The cupcake filling was too soft to pipe on for the body so I resorted to Tootsie Rolls!

I also used pink candy melts to spell out Happy Birthday. This way the cupcakes as whole on a platter would seem more birthday-ish.

Overall I love this effect! I would do these again for someone else's birthday or a spring themed party. I love, love, love them! The cupcakes also tasted delicious with the chocolate filling. But I think they just looked so incredibly awesome. I'm so proud of myself with these!!!!


  1. This one is my favorite of all the ones you have made! I love the way these ones look! So fancy dancy! I have made the oreo truffles and I love them as well! I am having a jewelry party on saturday and I was thinking of making the oreo truffles for that =)

  2. Thanks Becky! I love these butterfly cupcakes as well. I'm hoping to do more like these but with different characters soon! Glad you liked the Oreo Truffles. So easy and so yummy!